Hello and Welcome to my Blog!

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Hello and Welcome to the ABeautifulPlan blog.

My name is Kelly, I’m 30 years old. I have two beautiful children, George who’s 3 and Scarlett who’s almost 7 months. I have a Degree in Design and used to be a Creative Artworker but didn’t like the office environment and had yearning to work with animals. After a lot of soul-searching, voluntary work, extra education, I became a Dog Groomer.

However, I still have a NEED to design and be creative. Earlier this year I found the planning world and I AM HOOKED! I love it, can’t get enough! I’ve already had a few ‘no spend’ weeks. I’ve known for a while I wanted to make a business within this industry. After having lot’s of fun with copious amounts planning supplies, four planners and god knows how many notebooks later, I’ve decided it’s time to stop procrastinating and get on with it! So here I am, writing a blog!

I’ve found a need several planners. I need a fairly dull one (well, part of it. Come on, a planner isn’t a planner without a bit of ‘individuality’!). The ‘dull’ one is to literally write everything down that I need to do or remember, I can’t seem to retain any information or thought process at the minute. Apart from when I want chocolate or wine, I remember that no bother! Everything else, watch me closely and you can see me forget it! So my ‘actually not very dull’ planner is for that, as well as my design work because I usually have brainwave ideas and can scribble them down in there, keeping them in one place.

I have an everyday smaller planner that goes everywhere with me. It’s handbag sized and not heavy. If I have appointments or meet ups I need to log quickly, they go in there. This also means should I have a Design idea whilst out, this can also go in here. I’m still structuring my planners but I imagine this one will also be my personal notes planner, TV shows, social life, reading, etc.


I have another planner, which I am currently not using. This may be my business planner once things get into a routine and start to flow. I feel it will be best suited to this as it’s structured in a way to show progress.

My last planner, until I inevitably buy more, is my PRETTY STICKERS DECORATE IT AND MAKE IT LOOK AWESOME planner. It’s dated so has been quite handy for looking back and finding past entries. This planner also shows my progress into the planning world. At the start I was a n00b and over time I’ve started to find my feet, bringing me to a place where I can design Etsy worthy artwork (ongoing).

With this blog, I will talk about all things planner related and occasionally I may post something completely off subject. This blog currently isn’t planned! You’ll be coming on my journey with me from this point. I want to show planner layouts, ‘what’s in my planner’, reviews on products bought, bargains, my progression with business (or my procrastination!), my art journal work that I sometimes carry out and my general love for planning and creating! Enjoy!


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