The ABeautifulPlan Etsy store is officially open!

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*update: this was before the brand change to The Scrapbook Girl.*

Hello readers!

Last night I officially opened my Etsy store, with artwork! At first I opened it and and put it straight on ‘holiday’ mode with the idea that I would build my brand identity. Now I’ve decided to just go for it and have a running store. I don’t currently even have a logo!! I figure, right now, my logo won’t sell my artwork, the artwork sells itself.

I’ve created stickers with an Autumnal/Fall theme, this is my favourite time of year! Basically now up to the New year, but this is my initial excitement…it’s AUTUMN!!!!! No more sweaty, sticky, hot, uncomfortable, buzzy bug annoying summer!

To celebrate my love for this time of year, I’ve created stickers designed for the Erin Condren planner and other suitable planners. These are pdf/jpeg downloads, which you can purchase and print over and over to your hearts content. This will be a running theme with the shop. I’ve created ‘dark’ and ‘light’ versions. The dark and very rich in colour but won’t really work with e.g. black biro. These look lovely with a silver gel pen (or something similar). The light are for people who want decoration but like to write a lot in their planners. Both designs come with one purchase so you can mix it up a bit, plus I think it’s only fair to give a customer this variation.

Etsy autumnal jpegs Etsy autumnal jpegs2 Etsy autumnal jpegs7 Etsy autumnal jpegs8

I have also created some ‘to-do list’ artwork. These again have autumnal themes and I’ve thrown in some Halloween colourways. Each colourway has 7 designs for each day of the week and there are 6 designs overall (included in one pdf/jpeg purchase).

Etsy autumnal jpegs11 Etsy autumnal jpegs10 Etsy autumnal jpegs9

You can visit the store here:

That’s it for now, I will continue designing with the plan of Halloween/Winter/Christmas themes. I’m also open to suggestions! But right now, as I’ve hit it hard on the work, all I want to do is play with my own planners! I miss them! That and maybe watch a bit of The Walking Dead 🙂

Bye for now xxx

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