Sometimes you need to take a step back

Ok firstly I want to say last night I hit 200 followers on Pinterest! Yeyyyy!

So what have I been up to today? FYI I don’t plan to blog everyday, it’ll just happen as when I feel like it. So today, I had intended to fill out my planner for the week. In hindsight it would have made more sense to do it yesterday, a Sunday, but I spent a few hours working on ABeautifulPlan and spent the rest of the day having ‘family time’.

Today, the majority of the morning went to housework/routines with Scarlett and piano practice. This afternoon Scarlett and I fell asleep for 3 hours! As they say, must have needed it.

Here I am at 8.40pm, having finished yet more routines and settling down for the evening.

So what’s my point? Whilst I do need to structure my week as I’ll forget something, sometimes you need to listen to your body and stop. I most likely won’t plan in a 3 hour nap!

Sometimes, it’s ok to push all plans to one side and say, f*ck it! Provided you can push your days plans to one side.

Cuddling up with my (almost) 7 month old Daughter earlier was precious. I remember doing this with George. It’s a little different doing this with him now, he’s all legs and arms! You don’t get ‘baby bonding’ time back so it’s important to grab cuddling moments when you can.

As it goes, the rest of my week is quite busy. Best fill that planner in or I’ll get into an old habit of walking around asking myself “now, what was I supposed to be doing?!”. Right now my brain is my planner, there’s so much stuff in there I need to remember for this week. The beauty of a planner is it de-clutters the mind!

Ciao for now xxx


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