I got a RAK!

Ok so tonight I want to talk about RAK’s. A RAK is a Random Act of Kindness. In the planning world this means sending out ‘happy mail’, a box or envelope of planner related/stationery goodies. These can be new or from your own stash. There are different versions, for example an online shop may offer a RAK when they reach a certain amount of followers. 

On Friday I received my first RAK! I’d commented on a post in a group and was chosen by the poster to receive some planner goodies! 

So Friday morning, I hear a thunk from the postbox in the hallway. My Son runs out to get it, comes back in and excitedly starts trying to remove the tape! I managed to coax it from him and hide it until I could open it in peace.


There was no doubting what it was, it has been wrapped in a box with colourful washi on the front. There was also a cute little Owl who now lives inside my planner.

When I (finally!) managed to open it, I found a card lying on top of some emerald green tissue paper. The card was from a woman named Leanne, explaining that she had chosen me to receive one of her RAK’s. The card itself had a lovely chocolate design on the cover.


Onto the good bit! I opened the tissue paper to find so much stuff! There were quite a few washi tapes, some barely used! There was a whole range from floral designs to lace designs. Some sticky notes had been added, one looks a bit like a pumpkin shape, it might be a speech bubble but I can change it to work for October.

There was a small notepad and another bigger notepad, both look brand new, one was still in it’s packaging. Three pens had been added, all fine-nib pens which I adore! There was also a pencil with a cute design. Underneath that a couple of sticker sheets had been added, one with funky mushrooms and the other with retro designs.


I was absolutely made up with it! I’ve contacted Leanne and I am going to return the favour. I plan to send this out on Tuesday once I’ve finished gathering bits together.

I really like the idea of RAK’s or Happy Mail, as it’s almost like the planner version of pen-pal letters. Except it’s within a big group of people. It develops the sense of community I keep finding in the planner world. People coming together and sharing something they all love. AND it’s exciting!

There are also pocket letter swaps, creative swaps, inchie swaps, dashboard swaps, project life card swaps, there’s loads! On Friday I agreed to get involved with a Halloween swap, excited for this one. I love Halloween. A little nervous too as I hope my swap partner likes what I make! But it’s better to get involved than sit on the sidelines and watch everyone else having fun.

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