Weekly Catch-Up

This is something new that I’m trying out, a browse back over my week. God knows how long it’ll last!


On Monday, I actually barely remember what I did! I think it was a bit of a personal catch up day. We were due to travel back to my hometown of Corby on Friday for a Wedding Reception so I was focussing a lot of my week on that. Although I was really looking forward to the Reception, I always have to mentally prepare for a trip home. It’s exhausting, especially with two little ones. So I had that on my mind. I also spoke to my Mum who’s really ill with a chest infection. I said to let us know if she didn’t want us to stay as I’m like her, so I know she would be over-thinking things and making herself worse.

After that I decided to put an order in for the ABeautifulPlan shop. As well as my stickers and inserts, I want to stock some cute planner goodies, like pens and sticky notes. I found several suppliers and put a small order in, just to see how I get on, then I’ll buy more if all goes well. However because I’m me, I spotted a seller of Dokibooks and just HAD to get a yellow one!

That night I didn’t sleep well, so much in my head!


George, Scarlett and I all slept in! I only had an hour and a half to get all 3 of us out the front door. Somehow I made it and got to Baby Song on time, Scarlett actually stayed awake this week. Afterwards I came home and rested, both Scarlett and I fell asleep late afternoon.

Again at night I couldn’t sleep and was up till at least 1am. I decided I needed to write a structure in my planner so that I would wake, see what I had planned in that day and do just that. As at this point I was doing a bit of everything and couldn’t think straight!


Mum called, she’s really not up to us visiting. I completely understood, I just want her to get better. I spoke to Dad and found that he’s away most of Saturday so figured the visit home wouldn’t be worth it. If we had people to watch the kiddies, we’d have gone to the reception but it was a lot of organising for all of us when we wouldn’t see family after. I made the decision to not go. Once I’d cancelled the pet sitter I relaxed with that, it meant I wouldn’t spend all of Thursday packing! However I was still stressed, I hadn’t started my planner breakdown. I tried to write a bit in the afternoon while Scarlett slept on me but it was tricky. It was only that evening that I finally managed to do it. It worked, Wednesday night I slept.


Scarlett and I didn’t wake until 9.30am! That just doesn’t happen! Unfortunately this was the slow cooker day so I ran about like a loon sorting it.

Now, my Etsy orders had slowly been drifting in as shipped, BUT MY DOKIBOOK HADN’T! Me being me, I got impatient and cancelled it! I re-ordered directly from the LoveDoki website. As soon as I cancelled I had a message saying it was just about to be shipped. I did some research and saw that my cancellation could really affect this seller, the website punishes for certain cancellation reasons. I wasn’t sure what the outcome would be but I wasn’t thinking straight and panicked. I also didn’t want to be listed as a ‘bad buyer’ before I’d even started. SO after some negotiation, I now have a yellow Dokibook from the website and an Orange from the supplier. My no spend just isn’t happening! I figure if I don’t like it or need that money back, I can sell it. That probably won’t happen!

That basically took me up to the afternoon which left me stomping about angry again as I hadn’t started my day plans. Scarlett slept on me again and I designed the ABeautifulPlan logo. I remembered how much I hated Illustrator! That night I had Piano, I really need to practice more! When I came back I finished my logo and settled for the night.


Daniel had the day off as we were supposed to go to Corby. I didn’t do any planer stuff although I did receive my RAK (see RAK post). We bought some winter coats for the kiddies, I bought some RAK gifts and we went for a pub style dinner that had a huge soft-play for George. My Yellow Doki has shipped!


Daniel took George to the park while I watched Scarlett. I had a lazy day and played with my planner whilst watching The Walking Dead. I made inserts and found free sticker downloads. I posted in a few groups and at night I made a Halloween dashboard. I think I’d really been needing it, it had all gotten a bit serious!


Family day at Daniel’s parents. Didn’t do a lot of planner stuff today, got it out of my system yesterday. Spent the day laughing with George and Scarlett. I also had a quick catch up call with my sister. Oh and my orange Doki has shipped!

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