Weekly Catch Up – 21/09/15

This week has been a very strange one, I’ve been really up and down with my moods. I’ve wanted to write some blogs and haven’t gotten around to it, but I did kick off my vlog on YouTube so it’s not all bad.


I had a really spontaneous morning. A lady from a Facebook group posted saying she was in Paperchase and did anyone want anything from the image shown. The image contained a shelf full of planners. Normally I would go to the website and order by myself as I’m stupidly ‘polite’ sometimes and wouldn’t like ‘to put anyone out’. However this time I saw a beautiful planner on the top shelf and just HAD to have it. It reminded me a lot of the Punctuate Planners sold in Barnes and Noble (US). It was so cute and right up my street so I messaged and arranged to pay her for the planner and p&p. I was super excited! Then a bit annoyed with myself as I’m supposed to be on a NO SPEND!

For the rest of the day I did a little research for my work, then rested with Scarlett and watched The Walking Dead. I’m on series 5 and series 6 starts soon! I need to catch up!


My planner from Paperchase arrived that morning! So unbelievably fast! It’s pocket sized and adorable.


I couldn’t spend too much time with it as I had to rush out for baby song with Scarlett. George was in a bad mood before going to his Grandparent’s but he soon perked up, he’d been after sweets!! After baby song I popped into town and bought 3 Poncho’s, I love throwing them on this time of year. So cosy and easy to wear!


That afternoon I posted my first YouTube video showing the Paperchase ‘cupcake’ planner. It’s definitely amateur but we have to start somewhere. I also realised I needed a tripod, ‘no spend’ fail again! It was only £5 but a spend is a spend. I also finished my logo for ABeautifulPlan and used it across my online formats. So Tuesday ended up being a productive day.


I didn’t do any planning work at all on Wednesday. I decided to give the house a big clean, I have family visiting next week. I always feel a sense of calm when I manage to do this but I was bone tired at night!


This was an odd day. Daniel (my other half) worked from home a lot today and I just couldn’t seem to focus. I tried to do a little planning work but couldn’t get into it. I started my seasonal research for my planner inserts but it wasn’t easy, no motivation at all! I suppose it’s better than nothing, I’m finding some colour schemes.

Scarlett wanted to be held ALL DAY, when I didn’t hold her she moaned. Safe to say by the evening I was mentally and physically drained. Typically that’s when she decided to perk up! I went to piano that evening and was actually better than last week, it seems to be starting to click. One thing I did do today was go through all of my craft and planner stuff, I realised I haven’t bought as much as I thought and perhaps I’m being a bit harsh on myself.


OH MY GOD, SO TIRED! I didn’t sleep well last night. A while ago I agreed to a Halloween swap in a group. I want to do this but it’s out of my comfort zone, so I’m trying to be brave. I had planned to make planner dividers or a dashboard, typically my swap partner doesn’t have a planner! It’s a little set back, I was scared because I thought, what on earth could I make and would it be good enough?! Around 12.30am I came up with an idea that hopefully will be liked. After that I relaxed and managed to sleep. There were other things on my mind, spending money etc! This was probably added to with the fact that I bought a Ban.do journal!! I had intended to buy this at the end of my ‘no spend’ as a little well done. I’ve seen people using them for creative journalling and really wanted to try it out. The problem is they are selling out, fast! The Ban.do website doesn’t have many left. My impulsive, impatient side kicked in and I found one on the Oliver Bonas website (London), it’s the smaller sized one with the floral print which I adore. I got it and have decided there will be no treat at the end of the ‘no spend’, when I actually start it!


So, Friday on 4 hours sleep. I took the kiddies to playgroup in the morning. I love it as it keeps George busy for a few hours, I stay with him. The drawback is it finishes as 11.30am, so I still have the entire afternoon to keep him entertained and Scarlett happy. This is not fun on 4 hours sleep. However, it ended up being an ok day, George was happy and Scarlett got her feeds, changes and naps on time.

That night I watched The Riot Club. After all the stuff in the news recently with David Cameron and the pig’s head (!!!!), I stumbled across this film which is about the Bullingdon Boys’ club (fictionally based on it). I know that it’s not like that anymore but I’m still fascinated and shocked that anyone could behave like that. It’s mind boggling!


I think everything caught up with me on Saturday and I was so tired and felt a bit emotional. Daniel took the kiddies out for a bit while I rested. I couldn’t sleep but I still rested. My yellow Dokibook arrived that morning, as well as my certificate for my Animal Care course (90%, Distinction!),


my mood affected how I reacted to them. I wasn’t anywhere near as excited as I should have been. However I did perk up later in the day and made an unboxing style video for the Dokibook.


I haven’t moved into it yet! It doesn’t feel like an every day planner, it feels more special than that. I need to find it’s purpose. Definitely something ‘happy’.

On another note, I used to do some DS work with Younique. It’s not for me and I gave it up, but I did make a nice little bit out of it. At midnight on Saturday I would be ‘inactive’ with Younique. Three hours before this I had a completely random sale, the second one in a month, I never had this before. As you have to sell £125 personal retail sales every three months, I’d still go inactive but I couldn’t believe the odds!


Daniel’s family all travelled up to celebrate his Nana’s birthday. So Sunday was all about family gatherings. AGAIN I was in a strange mood, just could not shift it. This awful feeling of not succeeding/needing to do more and punishing myself. I shrugged it off and tried to carry on with the day, which ended up being really nice and the kids had a brilliant time.

In the evening I noticed there’s this crazy moon, which apparently is a super moon, blood moon and an eclipse. The cat has also been on one tonight!! I’ve also had two huge house spiders scare the life out of me! I’m blaming that moon!!! (pictures taken by Corrine Scott, left, and Lorraine Dziarkowska, right)

IMG_9280 IMG_9281

So yeah, I’m quite glad to wave goodbye to this week, was not feeling it at all, even with an amazing moon! Here’s to hopefully a more gentle week next week. And perhaps a less indulgent one.

Kelly xxx

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