October Brimbles Box

Hello Everyone!

Yesterday I received my very first Brimbles Box! This is a box full of goodies for a Planners/Crafters or Happy Mail people. Each box will contain core items, featured in every box, then a few more items specific to that box. So for example, I have opted for the Planner box (can be A5 or Personal) which will always have a planner charm and a few more planner related bits. Boxes contain a range of stationery such as, notebooks, pens, washi tape, sticky notes, ephemera etc. Each month has a different theme and this month was Halloween!

The boxes can be signed up to via a subscription for £15.00 or a one off payment of £18.00 (one box). There are other boxes at different prices, all found on the website listed at the bottom.

My reasoning for signing up was, simply to try and stop random excess spending! I have found that I can go online or into shops and spend money on stationery really quickly! I dread to think how much I could spend in a month. I actually sat down recently and wrote down everything I have bought. As it goes, it’s not as bad as I thought, however I think I may have decided to do this at the right time. My plan will be that the Brimbles Box will satisfy my stationery needs for the month. I have plenty to keep me busy, I make my own inserts and stickers for my planners (and sell them in my shop ABeautifulPlan on Etsy). The October Brimbles Box is perfect for this month!

So what is in the box?


Every box has a postcard with a design by Anna Brim (Mrs Brimbles). The back will have a few words to introduce you to the box (I read this out on my video, link at the end of the blog). The design on the front has cute little drawings of Ghosts. They’re actually really nice now that I’ve had a proper chance to look at them because they all have a little character. They make me think of little Ghosts going to school haha!



This is a planner related item, the Dashboard being the first ‘page’ in your planner. This Dashboard has the same design as the postcard front with the Ghosts, the picture shows how it will look in a planner. However I am still awaiting my orange Dokibook!! This will be my Autumn/Halloween planner and I think this dashboard will look brilliant in there.


Washi Tape

I love the washi tapes in this box! Washi tape is an item that I use a lot, I use it to create a border on a page or to divide the page. I use it in art journalling to add a bit more character to a page. I use it in my creative journalling to again bring a feel to a page. These washi tapes are gorgeous, the colours are fabulous! The first is black with a gold foil like design striped along it. The second has a ‘track-like’ design running along it with a copper colour stripe. Both will look lovely against the rest of the products in the box, really complimentary.



This box contained some cute ‘After Dark’ Halloween stickers by Crate Paper (I do make an error in the video and say American Crafts who sell the stickers, they are by Crate Paper). These are puffy stickers with again lovely golds, blacks and copper colours. I can’t wait to use these! They will work well in a planner as they’re not too big. Also, they have page flag designs, block images for columns, repetitive images to layout a page and statement images to pull the page together.


Planner Charm 

*sigh* My second and last (I think) boo boo in the video, I call ‘The Nightmare before Christmas’, ‘Halloween before Christmas’!!!!! I was so annoyed when I saw it but unfortunately I couldn’t re-do the video. Partly as sealed items has been opened and my reactions would no longer be genuine. The amount of times I’ve seen that film, I love it! Never mind. Ok so the Planner Charm is a little white bell painted as Jack Skellington! It’s brilliant!



There is a large paperclip with a cardboard design of a Bunny behind a Pumpkin. It’s made by Craftin’ Chaos (link at end). The colours work really well with with everything else in the box and will look great in my orange Dokibook!! The black of the pumpkin will really help it to stand out. It is quite delicate so I would put in on an inside pocket where it’s safe and won’t get bashed when the planner goes into my bag.



The pen is brilliant! It fits with the ‘cute’ Halloween feel that the box has. It’s green and orange with the text ‘Harvest Time’ and pumpkin designs. It also has a pumpkin charm on the lid, which can be removed and used as another planner charm. The pen itself has a very fine ink nib which I adore. As it’s so small, you can write a lot in the planner without it getting cramped. The pen is very slim and the pen holder in my Dokibook is large, but I can find a way around it, I always do! It’s not a problem with a Filofax.



In this box, the Ephemera is Halloween styled ‘Project Life’ cards by Becky Higgins. These are one of my favourite items of this box. I’m still fairly new to Project Life and I’m trying to find my own way to use them. I’m also terrible for finding something lovely and putting it to one side as it’s special and don’t want to ruin it! That’s why these are perfect being Halloween related, I have to use them! I have a Ban.Do journal so I may use some in there, I also have an Erin Condren planner so I may hole-punch some and put them in there. I will also put them in the Dokibook. In fact, I can also use these in my art journal! I haven’t even started Halloween or Autumnal work in there. I think this is why I love them so much, they can be used everywhere! The designs themselves are gorgeous, rich colours of orange, black, cream, white, grey etc. The card stock used is of a fantastic quality, you can feel their worth. The imagery is something else, I get very excited about the ‘shadow’ effect in the video! The fonts are lovely and work well with the designs. I could go on about them all day haha, you can tell I love them in the video as I slow right down and simply admire them. They’re truly gorgeous!


And that’s it! As first boxes go, I am SO pleased I managed to sign up in time for the Halloween box (now sold out). I love this holiday so I couldn’t wait to get the box! On the other and, I’ve no idea what to expect in November so that’s also exciting. I’m pretty sure December’s box will be a Christmas theme.

Here is my video link:

Here are the shops mentioned in this Blog:

Shops mentioned:

Anna Brim/Mrs Brimbles/Brimbles Box


Crate Paper (After Dark)


Becky Higgins and Project Life


Craftin’ Chaos


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