Weekly, slightly over, Reflection (5th October – 13th October)


I’ve been a bit quiet of late, I’ve been focussing on my shop, I’ve had family visit and I’ve had a few other bits and pieces going on. Instead of writing bits day by day I’ve decided to just pic out a few choice bits from the week.

So I said I had family visit. My Aunty and Cousin visited from South Africa, my Mum visited from Corby and my Sister came over from Liverpool. We went to Dunham Massey, a place I absolutely adore, especially this time of year. It was a really misty autumnal day, the park has wild Deer roaming around. It’s a stunning place and my family really enjoyed themselves.

IMG_002112063397_10204968288433676_9009910229442021755_n IMG_0025 IMG_0027IMG_0020 IMG_0319

I bought a second hand Canon 600D DSLR that week so it was a great opportunity to try it out. Although I have a background in creative artworking, which involves re-touching, I don’t know a great deal about photography! We always received the shots from photographers ready to work on. So I’ve got a bit of learning to do, I’ve used it to photograph my store product but I also want to vlog on it. This is going to be a completely new experience!

This brought me to the beginning of last week (5th October). Last week was a strange week. I had quite a lot of product arrive for my shop and decided to get that photographed and sorted, it’s not going to sell if no-one knows it’s there!


Totoro pen bunch sml totoro stickes together smlrillakuma group stickiessmlmacaron pen bunch smlblock colour stickes both sml

Scarlett was also teething last week, which meant I dedicated a lot of time to calming and reassuring her. She finally cut her first tooth on Sunday! I managed about 4-5 hours last week for Etsy work. This also meant any weekly structure or planning went out of the window. It was only towards the very end of last week that I only half set up my Autumnal/Halloween planner. My orange Dokibook STILL hasn’t arrived!!!!!!!!!! So I’ve had to make up my turquoise Filofax Domino to fit. It’s not too bad really but I am envious of everyone’s posts with orange/brown planners…first world problems! I have no idea when mine will arrive, Christmas probably! Speaking of Christmas, I have a gold Dokibook on it’s way so I can’t wait to do a talk through of that!


Overall last week was a bit tough one really. It was only yesterday I managed to list the product, which took up a lot of the afternoon and evening. So last week I was being a bit hard on myself and felt a bit like things were mounting up (even though I wouldn’t change it). I’ve had a request for a weekly layout design, which I haven’t even started. Luckily the design is for a friend and now the shop is sorted I can get working on it. I already have an agreed template (one of my rough designs), so that helps a lot.

I felt I had a lot of stuff in my head and realised last week that lists is what seems to work for me. I thought I would be a planner who can map out my week and stick to it. However my life is so up and down with two children, I never know how a day is going to turn out. I have set routines but time can slip away very easily. So, I realised that if I list everything I need or want to do, then visit that list each day and pick something, this seems to work for me and takes away pressure. I list priorities for the week and choose from those. If they are completed, I choose something else. I will elaborate more on this in another blog 🙂

Lastly I had some Happy Mail arrive last week. One Halloween craft swap and a few bits from Etsy stores. I’ve made a vlog for this, it’s always good to see what’s out there.

swap I recieved
swap I recieved
swap I sent out (as well as other goodies). I made a book!
swap I sent out (as well as other goodies). I made a book!
swap I sent out (as well as other goodies). I made a book!
swap I sent out (as well as other goodies). I made a book!

You can check out the video here:

So that’s it for now. I do have a few more blogs I want to write, like the one mentioned above and hauls, videos I’m watching etc. I’ll post as soon as I can.

Oh before I go, I forgot to mention Farmaggedon! I went with work (my day job). It was brilliant! It’s kind of a spooky night out with people dressed up. You walk through scenarios and are chased or people jump out on you. This did get a few screams out of me, followed by a laugh. I’m not phased by people dressed up but people jumping out of nowhere will get a reaction. Definitely ready for Halloween now!

 Ciao for now xxx

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