£10 Surprise bag from BonBonsKawaii


The more I delve into the planning world, the more I realise I’m also a bit of a Kawaii addict. This took me to my second purchase from BonBonsKawaii. First time round I opted for the £5 surprise bag, seen on my YouTube channel, this time I opted for the £10 as I love them so much! Again I wasn’t disappointed, beautifully wrapped and featuring a good range of products.


The first thing that caught my eye when I opened the box was the amount of washi tape! There’s three rice paper type washi. The first has a beautiful Halloween design, I’ve not seen anything like it. It’s colourful with loads of different illustrations and the tape itself is really good quality. The second is a Macaroon type design (which I also have a small obsession with!!) so again super happy when I saw this. I can add it to my slowly growing Macaroon collection! The last design of the smaller washi is a heart and arrow type design. It has more muted tones of purples, pinks and grey. I can get a bit colour mad so it’s nice to have a washi that will encourage a different planner page feel.
The last ‘washi’, which is more of a tape, is a large reel featuring Rilakkuma. This is Kawaii in a nutshell so to have a tape that I can use with this design is perfect! It’s very cute and colourful with a cyan background, can’t wait to use it!


The second thing to catch my eye was the magnetic page markers. There are two of these and they feature an Owl design. I’m so pleased to have these as I’ve seen them but hadn’t gotten round to buying one. That’s the beauty of these surprise bags, you don’t know what you’re going to get and you end up with little goodies like this and I may not have found one as nice as this.


Stickers!! So many stickers! Three single sheets with a different design and a wallet with 8 sheets of stickers. That’s overall 11 sheets of stickers! The first sheet has a Russian Doll type design, these are so nice! The designs themselves are really detailed and just beautiful. I already have a few ideas of where I can use these, they’d be lovely for sealing happy mail envelopes. The second sheet has little food designs, the stickers themselves are really good quality and have gold foil printed onto them. I’m never sure how to use food themed stickers but I’m sure I will find a purpose. The third type features a snowman design, Christmas stickers!! My first set of Christmas themed stickers. Goes without saying that I will use these! What I also like about the snowman stickers was the card they came with, I think I can potentially use it as a dashboard. I love beautiful packaging because it can always be used elsewhere.
Lastly the wallet of stickers. Theres quite a range of themes in here, all very cute. There seems to be seasons and holidays in here (Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter, Valentines, Christmas, Thanks Giving etc). I have just spotted a Halloween themed sticker as I re-looked though the pack, perfect! Kawaii style Christmas stickers as well! Very Happy! The quality of them is spot on as well. They’e printed onto a plastic type material so that when the sticker is placed, the surrounding area is transparent so you only see the graphic.


Lastly the freebie! Debbie at BonBonskawaii will (as far as I know) will always include a little extra. Last time it was a small collection on Macaroon loose stickers (LOVE!). This time it was some Alice in Wonderland themed stamps. These are actually for sale on the Etsy store so to have them as a freebie was a lovely surprise. I’ve always been a fan of Alice in Wonderland and love these vintage style stamps. I kind of want to use these in a way that I can appreciate them, perhaps a themed page in my art journal. I may save some for happy mail, I know a few people who would use these in scrapbooking and would be delighted to receive them on snail mail.


So that’s everything from my £10 surprise bag. In all honestly both £5 and £10 bags are brilliant. I believe they are worth the price as you do get a range of good quality products that you won’t find on the high street. Delivery was super fast as well! I’ve ordered bits from China and you can wait 30+ days for items to arrive. This option is fine if you don’t mind waiting, however ordering a late on Thursday evening and receiving Saturday morning is pretty good going.

You can check out BonBonsKawaii here:


My YouTube video with the £5 bag (at the end)

That’s all for now,

Kelly xxx

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