Lollipop Box Club Unboxing – ‘Once Upon a Story’

Hello again!

Today I received box 6, my first box, of the Lollipop Box Club Subscription. I have filmed an unboxing video and will pop the link at the end of this blog. These boxes or ‘kits’ are brilliant for a range of crafty people, including happy mailers, scrap-bookers, planners, people who art journal….you get the idea.

I was super excited to receive this box. As explained in the video, I decided to sign up to the 6 month subscription instead of buying this box as a one off. The creator of the boxes, Lisa, contacted to thank me for the subscription and offered this box at a reduced rate (same price as a subscription box). Funnily enough, I had just been looking at this particular box again, I love so many things in it and was a bit disappointed I wasn’t getting it. Lisa also explained that due to the way she works, boxes aren’t sent out until just after the middle of the month. This swayed my decision as I was itching to see what it’s all about!

Lollipop box 6_Once-upon-a-Story-500x500

‘One off’ boxes are £17 and there is limited stock. Once they are gone, they are gone!
The 6 month subscription is £15 a month, the good thing is you still pay £15 a month. Some other subscriptions out there would have you pay the lump sum of the 6 months whereas you can still try this out for 6 months without breaking the bank.
The one month rolling subscription is £16.
That is all of the current subscriptions and shipping is FREE in the UK and £5.50 outside of the UK.

Why did I decide to sign up? Again as mentioned in the video, I loved the level of kit you get in this box, the variation and amount of care that goes into creating it. I had been looking for another type of subscription box for my planning and crafting. I love that this box is linked to Lisa’s blogs, in a ‘craft with me’ style. It means if you are struggling to create, there’s always something you can do. I also love the personal touches that Lisa brings to the boxes, I have a pack of ‘Kelly’s wish list’ papers, these could have simply said ‘wish list’ but it’s that extra touch that makes a huge difference.
Lastly I love the colours in these boxes. It’s really well thought out and makes the boxes stand out. If it was sat in a shop, I can guarantee you wouldn’t be able to walk past without looking!

So, box items!

First up there’s the Lollipop! Every kit has a Lollipop which has a colour scheme to match. As I expected in the video, the Lollipop is handmade! I haven’t yet eaten it as I haven’t stopped today. It looks REALLY yummy and I’m looking forward to enjoying it with a cup of tea later.


Secondly the crown pen. From speaking with Lisa, she found that this was my favourite item in the box and that I would love to use it in my yellow Dokibook. Because of this, Lisa added an extra pen! I did not expect that and was SO happy when I saw this! I’ve seen these pens in a lot of planners and always get planner envy haha. I was waiting to add it to my Christmas list but I no longer need to!

IMG_7563 IMG_7565 IMG_7566

Next up there’s the washi tape. It’s pink with transparent flowers. I can never get enough washi so this will fit nicely into my collection. It goes really well with the theme of this kit, I may use some bits in my art journal so the washi will work perfectly with that. I’m also tempted to make a planner layout theme with some bits and again the washi can be used here. There’s loads of it! Another thing I like with the washi is the hand made tag with ‘smile’ stamped on it. Everything in this kit can be reused. That is another bit of ephemera waiting to go into a scrapbook or something similar 🙂


Next there’s the peg with the handmade toadstool and the stamp saying ‘wish’. This whole kit has a real magical, fairytale theme. This peg was a ‘surprise extra’ goody. I’m still debating how I will use this, I definitely want to keep in in my craft space and use it to hold important or special notes. I love prompt lists so it could be something to hold these as I’m working on them.


After that there’s the toadstool ‘planner charm’. It’s not necessarily a planner charm but that’s how I will use it. Like a lot of the products in this box, this is handmade. It’s done with so much care and to perfection. It will look adorable on my yellow Dokibook, in fact it will also look lovely on my Turquoise Domino! So many options!
It;s made by a woman named Charlotte at Blueberry Crafts.


The next item is the paperclip with fabric ribbon. This again has lovely colours that fits the fairytale theme. I don’t have many pretty paperclips so I’m always happy to receive one.


This box also has a cardboard tag that holds some ribbon, some twine and some bulldog clips. I’m new to this subscription but have heard that Lisa writes some tips on her blog showing how you can use some pieces in the kit. From reading up, I believe this is what this may be for. So keep a look out! Again the actual tag has a stamp on it and can be re-used.


The kit contained a bag of ephemera, these matched the running theme throughout the box. There’s some cloud and speech bubble papers, a stylised envelope, a tag with a toadstool stamp, stickers (adorable stickers! on a plastic/vinyl type paper) and some note paper. These can be used for a range of things from scrapbooking to happy mail. Again I will be checking the blog to see if Lisa offers any inspiration, always interesting to see what other people come up with.


Another small bag (everything is beautifully wrapped!), contained some toadstool tin pins, some speech bubble paperclips, some small pins and a princess charm! All of these can be put to use. As well as decorated paperclips, I don’t have too many shaped paperclips. The speech bubble clips will go perfectly in my planner! The charm will quickly be turned into a planner charm and the toadstools will either become paperclip deco or something similar. Can’t wait to start trying things out! I still don’t know how I will use the pins but I’m sure it won’t take me long to work something out.


Lastly the kit contained some journal papers and list papers. One of the journal papers is a fairytale village. I’m temped to scan this into the computer and digitally colour it in…then add the actual one to my art journal! The other journal type pages will also most likely be added to the art journal and the list pages to my planner. Amongst this, Lisa has also added journal prompts! Brilliant for journalling, scrapbooking, photography, I love, love, LOVE prompts and creative challenges!


Before I forget, there’s also two little pegs with frog character designs added to the pack. These were used to hold papers together. They are SO cute and will definitely be used in the planner. There was also a small gold heart holding a bag closed. This will also be re-used, like a lot of the extras in this pack.

Right, phew it’s a long one! I wanted to get as much info down as I could for this small but mighty box! Plus now I’ve done this, I can finally start using it!!! YEY!!

Check out the website here:


Follow the Instagram page as you may find offers/updates:

Same for the Facebook page:

Here is my very excitable unboxing video:

Can’t wait for the next box!

Kelly xxx

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