November Brimbles Box

Yeyyyyyyyy!!!! It’s that time again, the Brimbles Box for November!

This arrived earlier this week and I was so excited to open it. I have filmed a vlog and will post a link at the bottom.
This months box is all about Christmas! It may seem early as it’s only the beginning of November. But, if you think about it, if you were receive this box in December, you wouldn’t have very long to enjoy it. It would arrive around the 4th December and then you’d only have a couple of weeks. Plus, if you’re anything like me, you start your Christmas planning mid-November, so the timing of this box is actually spot on.
Anna also explains on the welcome card, that the UK postal service gets extremely busy in December. Chances of you actually receiving the box on December 4th are unknown. The last thing she wants are people having late Christmas boxes!

So, onto the fun bit! What’s in this months box???!?!?!?!

Brimbles box main

When I opened the box, I was instantly greeted with the traditional colours of Christmas! Greens, Reds and whites, the products wrapped in red tissue paper with white shredded paper (like snow!). It’s hard not to feel festive, I must say it’s definitely got me in the mood for Christmas.

As with every box, the first thing you see is the ‘welcome’ card. This will have one of Anna’s lovely hand-drawn designs with a hint to the theme of the box. This months card featured an Elf design, hinting at Christmas. I’ll admit I already knew about this as Anna had posted teaser images on her social media links. The back of the card introduces you to the theme of the box and explains basically what I’ve said above, about the reason for the November box. I actually used my Halloween welcome card as a dashboard for my personal planner. I’ve gotten into the habit of having a personal sized planner for my handbag and an A5 at home. This will be doing the same 😉

personal dashboardback of personal dashboard

This box features a few of Anna’s designs on products. As it’s a Christmas box and an essential time of year for planning, this box has two notepads. One is a smaller square ‘post-it’ note style pad. It features Santa and is cleverly drawn so that the area where you write is his beard! Even with the design, there is still plenty of room to write. The pad itself has loads of paper and the paper itself is really good quality.

post it notes
The second pad is a larger list style pad. This conveniently has ‘to-do’ style check boxes, perfect for this time of year. I am a lister! I cannot function without a list. I have so much to think of on a daily basis, this pad is perfect for me. I most likely will use all of it, which is kind of a shame and makes me wish I had two! It again features a cute little Elf and the red stripe design seen on the santa sticky notes. Size-wise it’s perfect again as it’s not overly big. It will fit in both my personal and A5 planners. I will hole punch pages and have them with me on the go.


Lastly of Anna’s designs, there is the planner dashboard. This again features the Elf design. I love this as it feels like a lot of care and thought has gone into this box, as I’m sure it does with every box. For me though, it really feels like this box shows the designers personality. The dashboard has a mixed media feel to it and all of the colours really compliment each other. Plus it looks fab in my gold Dokibook!

A5 dashboard

The next product I want to show you is the washi tape. It’s a beautiful ‘candy-cane’ type design. These washi tapes are always good quality with loads of tape on the rolls. This washi tape design has clearly been carefully sourced as it matches the themes of the box, the stripes on the Elves hats, the stripes on the notepads, it complements everything!


These boxes can vary in terms of products people receive. My box contained a stamp in the shape of Santa! It’s by Shimelle through American Crafts and this product is for sale on the Mrs Brimbles website. The stamp itself is a decent size, it’s the sort of stamp you want to colour in once applied to paper. It can be used in various places such as you planner, journalling or even happy mail. In fact, any Christmas happy mail I send will get a stamp image! (if I remember!!)

santa stamp

Before I come to my favourite item, I have two more products to show. Every month Anna will commission another designer to create something for the box. This month includes two artists! First up, there’s Crafin’ Chaos. This is run by a lady named Debbie and she has created a gorgeous paper clip design. You may remember, last months box included a paperclip with a Bunny sat on a Pumpkin? This is the same designer and a similar theme. This months paperclip shows a Bunny holding a Christmas Stocking. I love these paperclips as so much work goes into them and they are really well made. Last month, the bunny took pride of place on my dashboard and I’m sure this one will no doubt do the same.


Now our second designer is a woman named Rachel and she owns EllieBeth Designs UK. I’ve known of Rachel’s shop for a while now and know that her business is starting to really take off! This shop is all about stickers! Rachel creates beautiful stickers, all her own designs. They’re bright, colourful and really bring a planner to life! The stickers in this box have been designed exclusively for the Brimbles Box. I can’t actually see them for sale on the website. I feel quite lucky to have these because of that. They are adorable! Little Gingerbread Men with Santa, Holly, Candy Canes  and a Gingerbread house. The colour really does stand out and the quality of the stickers are very professional.

Elliebethdesigns stickers

Last up, it’s my favourite item in this box, it’s the planner charm! It’s SO nice! It’s a glass domed design featuring an image of Santa holding a telephone. It’s a beautiful vintage design. This is what I love about these boxes as I’ll admit, I’m not sure I would have bought this. I may have but there is a chance I be distracted by something ‘cute’. That is the beauty of someone else choosing something for you. I’m so pleased this is in this box as the more I look at it, the more I love it!

bb xmas planner charm

So that’s everything in this months Brimbles Box. This is now my second box and I’m very impressed, I’ve bought a Christmas Advent Calendar Stationery box and cannot wait for that to arrive. Of course I will blog about that during December. With that there will also be next months box. So much happy mail, what a fabulous time of year!

Vlog link, please excuse my Daughter and my cat!!

Kelly xxx

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