So I bought a few bits from Mrs Brimbles, TK Maxx and Wilko


I’ve been pretty quiet I my blog lately, which in turn means I have a back log of things to write up!
It’s been a busy few weeks, I’ve been trying to keep up with my vlog, creating and uploading artwork to the shop, making the transition from Halloween to Christmas. I’ve also had a few other bits and pieces going on that I will write about soon.
So! Today I want to show you my haul from the Mrs Brimbles site,  TK Maxx and Wilko a few weeks back. I’m trying to get back into my journaling and want to combine it with list challenges.
Around Halloween, Anna (Mrs Brimbles) announced that she would hold a ‘trick or treat’ discount event. This meant that she would intermittently change discount amounts over the course of a few days. I managed to grab the 25% off offer!
I’ll be honest I can’t remember exactly what was bought in that and what was bought in a second order afterwards. So I’ll just show you everything!
I went a bit mad on ‘Project Life’ and other journaling cards. First up I bought the Heidi Swapp designer pack, this included a few of the 3×4 inch cards, 4×6 inch cards and some cutouts. These have some gorgeous designs and a lovely colour scheme.
I then picked out some transparent (I think they were Project Life again) cards to use for my journaling, I’m not sure how I’ll use them yet but I love layering up designs.
I found some autumnal themed cards by ‘October Afternoon’ which will be perfect for my list challenges I’m attempting (I’m so behind on these!!). But the designs are lovely on these, a slight retro feel with muted tones.
I then went for a smaller pack of Project Life cards (same sizes) with a black and gold theme. I was considering using these for Christmas but that hasn’t happened. It’s versatile colour scheme, I may use it for a New Year theme.
The reason the black and gold weren’t used is because I ended up purchasing some Christmas themed journalling cards. These are by ‘My Mind’s Eye’ and the design is beautiful! It’s so festive and every single card has a unique design. It was a struggle to pick out what to use in my Christmas planner! Again they have the 3×4 and 4×6 sizes. What I haven’t used will either go into a journal or be used to decorate my planner space (desk). I just love them!!
Staying on the Christmas theme, I also bought these Tin Pins and Ephemera both by October Afternoon. The pins have now been made to decorate paper clips and all of them feature in my Christmas planner. One of my favourites is the ‘a good memory’ pin as I feel I can use this one again and won’t have to always associate it with Christmas.
I’m yet to use the ephemera but plan to use it to decorate my journal and list challenges.
Also on Mrs Brimbles, I found these Project Life grid design cards and you get 100 in the pack! These are the smaller size of 3×4 and will again be used for layering/drawing.
I had spotted these two items in the sale and they were the reason for the second buy. The ‘trick or treat’ didn’t apply to sale items. These were the ‘princess’ themed Project Life cards and stickers by Rachel Ellen. Ever since receiving my ‘once upon a story’ Lollipop Box, I’d been wanting to make a fairy tale type themed section for my journal. These are perfect for it!
Lastly, as I’m now in risk of looking like I cleared all of Anna’s stock (!!!), I purchased this sticky notepad with a ‘Tiffany blue’ macaron design. It’s by ‘Mattys’ and it’s gorgeous!! I originally went for the pink design but it sold out before I had a chance to buy. However on receiving these I didn’t mind, the blue is beautiful! I love Macarons!
So! Moving on…I found a few bits in TK Maxx. First I spotted this washi tape dispenser. It’s by ‘We R’ and it’s great for storing your favourite washi tapes. I wasn’t sure how much I’d use it and thought I could always sell if it ended up wasted. However I use it all the time! It’s great to be able to access my favourite washi straight away without digging through a box. It also has handle little tape cutters around the edges so it makes it really quick and easy.
Next up I found MORE journaling cards!! I do actually send cards out with shop orders as a little thank you and an extra so no matter what, they will be used!
This time it was ‘me and my BIG ideas’. I found a ‘celebration’ themed pack and a ‘friends’ theme. The celebration has foil and glitter designs and the friends has more play with fonts and illustration.
I also found this stamp by ‘crate paper’. I thought I could use it for my happy mail and potential shop orders. It’s a nifty little device and I love that it self inks! So quick and no mess!
My last thing in TK Maxx were these Christmas ephemera bit by My Minds Eye. These are a mixture of a woodland feel and red glitter. The ‘wood’ effect on some of the cutouts works well as this can be used outside of a Christmas theme, another for the journal!
The very last thing I want to show is a 2016 diary I picked up from Wilko’s . It’s got a funky cat theme and caught my eye straight away. I like to have a small diary like this to record a daily reflection, nothing fancy, literally a space to write up what I’ve done that day.
This diary is perfect as it has a horizontal layout with a reasonable sized space for a ‘catch-up’ paragraph. I don’t like to write a lot. I really like the style of the diary as it has a bold back and white theme throughout. The little glasses wearing cat is featured on most spreads and they also have a different variant of bold borders.
The beginning of the diary has your usual pages but also features a page for ‘memories’ with a selection of photograph frame images, ‘trips and experiences’, ‘things I love’ and the back has a fair few ‘notes’ pages. I feel that I could make this really personal and will be a great little daily reflection diary.
So! That’s everything, believe it or not I could have continued with some other spends this month. It’s been one of those months!! However, I feel this gives a good feel of what I’ve been loving, well end of October through November. With having so much on recently, I’m desperate to take a seat back to finally play with these bits!
That’s all for now, I have a few blogs to write so I will catch you again soon!
Kelly x

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