November Lollipop Club Box

Last week I received the November Lollipop Club box and my second box (although my first subscription box). As mentioned in the video, I did manage to find a code to get a discount on this first box so make sure you follow the Instagram page for offers.

All subscription information can be found here:


So, onto the box! Again I was greeted with the most beautiful colours, it was like sunshine in a box! This month’s box is titled ‘The Secret Garden’. As the name suggests, it has a garden feel but also a lovely autumnal feel fitting to this time of year. The contents were wrapped in lovely yellow tissue paper and two fabric autumnal leaves were placed on top. As well as these, some little paper cut out leaves had also been added. I intended to to open the box then film after browsing the contents, however I had to do an intro video just to show how beautiful the box was on opening!



All boxes come with a Lollipop, linking to he name and this month’s lollipop has a retro traffic light feel. The yellow, red and green actually fits well with the colour themes in the box.


Starting up, the first thing that I noticed was the canvas pencil case. It’s a decent size and is so beautiful! I love canvas pencil cases as they are durable and in my opinion look better than some other materials out there. It has a beautiful floral design on the front section and the back section is white. It’s so feminine and cute!


As with all boxes, this box has a pen. It’s fitting with the theme as it’s a dusky ‘gardening’ style green. The design features ‘Miffy’ who is an adorable bunny rabbit. I was instantly taken back to my childhood as my Sister and I used to have the Miffy books!


I then spotted what looked like a washi tape. Upon opening it, I actually realised it was a sticky fabric ‘tape’. It features a gorgeous floral design and I don’t know if it’s because it’s fabric but the red colour on the flowers is so vibrant. I’ll probably save this for something special as it’s just so pretty.


The box contained a little ‘rose’ stamp. I love the idea of stamps but have been a bit rubbish in using them! I’ve actually found from other subscription boxes, if they are themed and contain a stamp, I am more likely to use it. The great thing with these boxes is that everything inside ties together as a creative kit so there’s a good chance I will use it. Especially as a lot of the kit has now been stored in the pencil case.


One of my favourite bits from this box and it’s a tiny thing, is the Robin hair clip (which I’m using as a paperclip). It’s currently in my Christmas planner and fits in so well!


The kit also contains a few other paperclips, some with little floral green buttons (adorable!!) and one with a crochet leaf. There was also a lovely crochet brooch in the box.

There were some lovely sticky notes with an unusual tree design on them. The design is quite detailed and is another one of these items that I will save for special use.


There was quite a lot of paper goodies in this box. A green and white bag (again colours tying in), contained a load of ephemera and some calendar stickers. This will be great for the art journal and I will be checking out Lisa’s blog to see what tips she offers.
One little thing to point out with this bag was the way it was sealed. It featured a lovely heart saying ‘enjoy your secrets’ and a little tab with a brass key (Secret Garden). The attention to detail with these boxes never fails to impress me!


As well as the ephemera, there was also book pages which come in handy for journalling, aptly chosen from ‘The Secret Garden’. Lisa also included some planner pages, ‘around the house’ style list pages and a ‘gift tracker’ which is SO needed at this time of year.
New to this month, a printable download option has been added. This is FREE to subscribers. Of course I’ve already downloaded. It contains the housework lists and some handy tab style print outs.


Another one of my favourite things in this box was a cookie recipe! This came with a bag, tag and some ribbon saying ‘handmade’. I made these a few days after the unboxing with my Son, George. Lots of fun was had! In fact, at time of writing this, a week later, they’ve all gone!!


One cute item in the box was a wooden stick with the word ‘herbs’ printed on it. At first I thought I would literally use this to put in my herb pots next spring but I may actually try to create some journal artwork with it!


These two pins were in the box, I’m not too sure what I will use them for at the moment. I will definitely check out the blog for these. I love the colours on them and the leaves!


Lastly, another amazing item, the fairy door. It was packaged in a little white paper bag with some white paper roses attached to the front. Inside a note read ‘Because everyone knows that fairies live at the bottom on the garden, but now it’s getting colder, they need somewhere warmer to stay. Decorate your fairy door beautifully and attach it to the bottom of the wall or skirting board. Soon you will have secret fairies living in your home too’. I love this! I love fairies, I have a fairy tattoo! I’ve seen doors like this and have been tempted to get one, partly for the kids, partly for me!! Now I don’t have to and we can make it personal! I’m so happy haha!

So that was everything in this months box. I loved last months box so much I didn’t think it could be topped. However this one is just as good, maybe even slightly better! I’ve already been playing with the contents and will checking out the blog for more inspiration.

Here is the link to my unboxing video:

Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx







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