October Kawaii Box

So this month I received my first Kawaii Box! I found a new passion for Kawaii since entering the planning and stationery world earlier this year. When I found there was a subscription box for all things Kawaii, I had to try it out!

whole box

There are a few subscription options which can all be found here:
Now you may notice the title of this post, ‘October’. This is due to the amount of time it took to reach me. When you subscribe, you receive the box of that month, so I subscribed in October. As explained in my video, it was shipped on the 28th October, flew to the UK on the 3rd November and landed here on the 17th November to reach me on the 20th. I think this is the nature of the subscription and obviously I’m in the UK and it’s travelling from Singapore.
Now for the box itself! I had a small idea of what I’d receive, stationery type items, something edible and maybe a form of jewellery/headwear.
So what was inside?
The first thing I noticed, as it was on top and the biggest item, was the bunny style pencil case. I’m not sure I will use it as an actual pencil case as you can’t put too much in it. However I may use it to decorate my planner space. It’s very cute and certainly stands out! He’s (definitely a He) is currently sat on my desk.
The box, as expected, did have a few edible items. This included ‘sushi’ gummy sweets and a ‘poop’ lollipop. They sound disgusting but were actually lovely! The sushi sweets were not fish, as my shocked Partner first thought! They were banana, cherry and lemon. They were that really soft gummy type of sweet and were yummy! The ‘poop’ lollipop tasted a bit like blueberry or maybe raspberry. Again yummy!
There were a few stickers/embellishments in the box.
My favourite being the small animal stickers! These have been really handy as I’ve been working on some list journals with prompts linking to this time of year. We’re coming to the end of Autumn and I have so many entries that these stickers have brought to life! The stickers themselves are that puffy type design and they graphics are so, SO adorable! Little Squirrels, Hamsters, Birds, Rabbits….cuuuuuuute!
As well as these, there were some jewell type stickers and some tiny loose heart embellishments. The images on the packaging suggests other uses for these but I will use them for some some of creative/journal type work.
There was a tiny cat zipper pouch. Another item I love! It’s too small for money and I wouldn’t put it on my bag. I think I will use this for loose stickers and have it as a planner charm. I could potentially put it on my craft bag for the same purpose, either way it will be used and enjoyed 🙂
cat purse
There was a small green zipper case with a monster type face on it. This is an item I’m not sure I will use. It’s not really ‘me’ unfortunately.
boy purse
There’s also a stamp set with a cute character design on it. It’s a rolling stamp set and you do get quite a bit in the pack. Three ‘press’ type stamps, two roller types and an ink pad. If I’m trying to create a Kawaii themed journal page or planner spread, this will come in handy. It may also be used to happy mail.
The last two items are things that I love again. Firstly, the envelopes. These are long envelopes that open at one end. They have an Autumnal feel again with Squirrels and acorns. Like most things in this box, they are so cute! Well, Kawaii does mean cute. I really want to use these in a way that I will get to appreciate them again, perhaps use one as a pocket in my journal. They would also be handy for small happy mail.
The last item I want to show and I’ve saved it until last as it’s my favourite, is the pen! It’s a lollipop pen! At first I thought it was the edible item because it looks like a real Lollipop, I’ve already had my Son asking if the can have it! But NO, it’s a pen!  Also, its slimline so fits nicely into most of my planners. The colours are gorgeous, it writes nice and I love it, love it, LOVE IT!
So that was my Kawaii box for this month. I’m intrigued to see what’s in next months box as they can vary and you never really know what you’re going to get. It is very exciting opening them for the fist time.
Here is a link to the video:
I can’t wait to show you the next box, I have no idea what to expect!
Catch you later,
Kelly x

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