December Brimbles Box 2015

So I’ve been a bit slow on the blog. This is for a number of reasons. I’ve been getting back into my list journal as I enjoy it find it therapeutic.

Also, the shop has been busy which has been fabulous and I’m so greatful to my customers. I’ve actually closed it now for the Christmas break, firstly because I don’t want delayed packages and secondly, as a Dog Groomer, I normally work during the Christmas break. This year I’ve decided to stop and enjoy it with my family, as I’m on Maternity Leave and won’t get the break next year.

Lastly we adopted some Guinea Pigs! It’s early days but they seem to be settling well. I will write a proper blog post about these little guys soon.

So, better late than never, this is about the Brimbles Box for December! This box brings the subscription to a full year, very exciting!

I’ll post a link to the video at the bottom and as you can tell from it, I’m very happy with the contents in this months box. I think it could maybe be my favourite so far! It has a winter theme, there’s still a bit of Christmas but there’s also bits that can be used afterwards.

So what’s in the box?

All boxes have a welcome card which I use in my smaller planners and it this one has the A5 dashboard with Anna’s own design. Both feature a cute little penguin wearing a scarf. Both are in my planners and I love them!

As with all the boxes, there’s the Washi tape. As mentioned before, I go for the A5 planner box but my next box will be Personal sized for my new Webster’s Pages Colour Crush. All planner boxes get a Washi tape and this month featured a silver tape with transparent snow flakes. I’ve actually wrote this a while after receiving this box and the tape has been used, a lot! Because of the colour, it can be used with so many things!


The box also featured the commissioned design, this month we again had stickers by Ellie Beth Designs UK. Last month had a gingerbread man theme and this month has a winter wonderland type theme. The quality of these stickers is above and beyond, I save them for my journal.

ellie beth winter

A notebook was featured in this box. This featured a chevron design with a colour scheme that matched the box perfectly! This has become the Guinea Pigs notebook, any information I need to keep or remember for them goes in there. I’m terrible for hoarding notebooks and not using them so I gave this one a purpose quickly to avoid falling into the same habit.

chevron book

As with most, if not all planner boxes, there are some stickers. This month featured a penguin and fish Arctic design. The stickers themselves are really cute and have a fuzzy felt finish. They’re absolutely adorable! Again ones for the journal, I don’t like wasting good stickers on weekly planner layouts.

All planner boxes receive a planner charm. This month featured a snowflake with a shiny glittery turquoise finish. It reminded me a bit of Disney’s ‘Frozen’ and looks gorgeous on my Sky Blue Webster’s Pages.

frozen charm

There was an additional item that was labelled as a bookmark but I decided to also use it as a charm. I have a little bag of beaded chains, like what you use for keyrings. I popped it through a hole on the snowflake and it’s also on my blue Webster’s. I didn’t realise quite how nice it was until I opened it, it was packaged beautifully which you can see in the video. The ‘bookmark’ itself has a shiny metal type finish and a lovely blue tassel. I thought it was cardboard, I didn’t realise it was a metal type product, it’s lovely!

metal charm

In this box, Anna has included her own designed ephemera. Size wise, they’ve been made to fit the pockets at the front of your planner and become apart of your dashboard. However they can be used in anyway you like. I’m really impressed with the quality of them, they’re better than some of the other well known brands out there. They’re thick so you don’t worry about them getting accidentally damaged. The colours are vibrant and the designs stick with the cute theme of the box.

Project Life cards!!!!! Christmas/Winter Project Life cards!!!! What can I say? As a journal keeper I LOVE these!! I was made up when Anna put them in the October box, my first box and was so happy to see them again. They, are, brilliant. They have range of Christmas themes with quotes from songs to wintry themes like I’ve skating and snowmen. However, even thought they have a winter theme, they are quite colourful. This actually works really well with the theme and brings out the fun of the cards.

xmas PL cards

So that’s everything in this months box. I can see why this subscription is getting more and more popular. I love everything in the box, I enjoy using all of it.

Here’s a link to the video:


I will catch you all again soon!


Kelly xxx

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