Where have I been?!


So I’ve been VERY quiet on my blog this month! I thought I’d write a quick post to say I’ve not disappeared!

This post won’t have many, if any, pictures. This is due to writing this during a long car journey.

I closed the shop earlier this month so that I could enjoy the Christmas break properly. It also meant I could replenish some stock.
As well as that, I have a few planner charms being prepared and ready to list in early January. I’m also wanting to try a few new things, a work in progress! We’ll see how it turns out! I will blog again when this is more updated.

Christmas was lovely, relaxed with family. I’ve indulged on a lot of television and films, I love anything animated! I also enjoyed the three-part series of Agatha Christie’s – ‘And Then There Were None’. Brilliant piece of drama and fantastically paced.

I’ve truly been a lucky lady this Christmas with my stationery gifts as well as some other lovely bits. I finally got my hands on my white Webster’s Pages Colour Crush! I adore it!! I’ve set it up with a fantasy/magical dashboard theme so will photograph as soon as I can.

I received various creative books and creative prompt books, the 72 Spectrum Noir pen set, some fauxdori notebooks/journal cards/fauxdori wallet from Happie Scrappie. I also received a voucher for HobbyCraft so treated myself to a few bits in there.

There is quite a lot of stuff and I would like to talk further with these, so I may run a few separate shorter blogs to review some items.

With the shop being closed, I’ve managed to slow down and I’ve had a lot more time. A lot of it has been spent with family and the children, obviously! The most important thing at this time of year, for me anyway. However I’ve also had time to catch up and do a few things creatively.

As I’ve mentioned, I am currently writing from the car (not driving!). So another reason why I can’t go into depth with products at this point in time, it’s better to back up points with images.
One other thing, the travelling meant I had to downsize my ‘kit’ as I normally carry a load around the house with me!! Whatever room I’m in! I’ve made up a few folios with themes and again hope to show these soon.

So it’s a quick ‘Hello’ and I hope you’re all having a lovely Christmas/New Year. I’m in the process of developing ideas for ABeautifulPlan in 2016, I’ve already mentioned the shop but I also want to further develop the blog/YouTube. It’s been very ‘unboxing’ heavy which is always fun to show people but I also want to introduce other creative interests, what I do with the things I show people!

So that’s it for now, short(ish) and sweet!
Oh and because no blog is complete without a pic, here’s Luna asleep in my craft bag! I’d not long emptied it!!


Here’s to enjoying the very last few days of 2015 and get ready for the adventure in 2016!

Kelly xxx

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