My Creative Journal


So this is my first post for 2016! However this is with good reason. 

Firstly I have had an idea for something I would like to create for my shop. I can’t say a great deal about this at this point in time but I really hope it works out! Currently I’m sourcing materials and I will attempt to make said thing. I’ve no idea of it will work but I truly hope it does as its a product I adore

Secondly I’ve done a lot of work on my personal journal. My words for this year are to ‘slow down’. I really worked hard at starting my business and putting myself on the market last year. Although I love it, it did start to consume me. Typically when that happens, the next step is for me to begin to dislike whatever it is I’m working on. I would hate for that to happen with my website, shop, YouTube, blog etc. A lot of love has gone into it. So, I’m attempting to slow down, I’ve no idea of I can have success with this slower approach. Unfortunately I’ve only ever known the ‘go hard or go home’ approach, a saying that I loathe!


Surely there’s another way, ‘go at your own pace and build something you love?’. I’ll certainly find out one way or another. 

Also, this ‘slow down’ approach means I get to spend time with my children. I’ll be returning to work (so yes, two jobs!) this year and my time will be more limited. They come first. 

My journal is actually one I needed to finish from last year, October to December. It started off as a list journal, originally inspired my Cori Spieker’s ‘Listersgottalist‘ Challenge. However, although the odd prompt is in there, I also found I was incorporating other aspects. Anna Brim hosted an October photo challenge and these images went in there. This then meant that every month, I would create a contact sheet in Photoshop and print it. 


So in the end, I have a journal that is a mixture of photographs, lists, prompts, drawings and quotes. It’s all decorated with journal cards, stickers, Washi, ephemera, pen drawings etc. And I love it! 


It’s only now that it’s almost finished (few things to still write in) that I can appreciate it and everything I have. This inspired me to slow down. I spend so much time worrying about stuff, I’ll get to the end of the day and think I haven’t wrote a blog this week, I need to promote my sales, I need to vlog…Sometimes I go to bed with this feeling that I have loads to do but can’t pin-point what those things are!

This is a way to miss out on so much in life. 

My journal has not only been a way to be happy and look back on lovely memories and thought processes, it’s also been a wake up call. Slow down and enjoy yourself!

It’s also a creative outlet that I really need.


It’s been held together in a Fauxdori by LyraandCo. I feel a Fauxdori adds n extra personal touch.  I’ve shown a few pictures from it, I’m by no means an artist! It’s a very personal thing but I wanted to share!


Kelly xxx

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