January Brimbles Box 2016

A New Year, a brand new Brimbles Box! This month’s box featured a Black and Gold theme. This month feels a little bit different to past boxes. First of all, before I had an idea of what was coming because my boxes started from October (Halloween, Christmas etc). I thought there would be a New Year type theme but it’s hard to imagine what would represent that in a Planner box. This box is all about entering the new Year with a bit of glamour but also to kick start goal setting and plans.

I’ve decided to swap to the Personal sized box, instead of the A5 as I’m now in my white Webster’s Pages Colour Crush.

main image.jpg

Firstly, as with every box, there is the Welcome card. This features an inspiring quote, ‘she turned her cant into cans and her dreams into plans’. It very relevant to me as I really want to develop with my creative journey this year and I’ve been quite fearful of what may happen. Sometimes this holds me back, my ‘cants’. This quote spoke to me because it is time to turn my dreams into plans. Annoyingly, I’ve forgotten to photograph this! However it can be seen in the image above. The other side features Anna’s welcome message and this one offered some useful planning links, I will pop these at the bottom of this blog.

With this welcome card, there was also a matching Dashboard design. This features a quote saying, ‘She’s a Dreamer, A Doer, A thinker, She sees possibility Everywhere’. Again this links to what I’ve said above, it’s now in my planner and it inspires me every day!

jan dashboard.jpg

Then there’s the Washi tape. This months tape has a ‘Mrs Brimbles’ sticker on the front opposed to another company or just a clear wrap. The tape itself is really shiny and glittery. It seems to have a mixture of both gold and silver and is more like a dusting of glitter instead of ‘chunky’ glitter pieces. It mixes with the glamour/sophisticated feel of the box.

With every box, Anna commissions a design by an independent seller (Etsy etc). This month features work by the lovely Geraldine Jayne. This is a woman I’ve had the pleasure of chatting to via social media and she’s a really genuine, kind person. I recently, well last year, bought a Unicorn themed shaker dashboard from her Etsy shop and it’s amazing! I know next month’s Brimbles Box is Unicorn themed so, memory being on my side, I will show you this then.
For this box, Geraldine has designed a gold tassel. The colour works perfectly with the box theme and it isn’t over the top. The box has a very classic feel and the tassel works perfectly with that.


This box features some ‘bow’ design paperclips. I have been after this type of paperclip for months! I kept seeing them pop up in people’s haul posts in Facebook groups but never got round to purchasing any. This is a good thing because I have them in this box! I actually prefer this design, the ones I’ve seen have been bigger and I think that would have looked bulky in my personal sized Colour Crush. The clips themselves feel very well made, they’re quite heavy and I think they will cope well with being moved around a lot! As when you decorate planners and dashboards, you tend to move embellishments around all the time.


A brand new thing that I wasn’t expecting in this box was a packet of ‘pockets’ or envelopes. These are black with gold foil designs. The quality of them is noticeable as soon as you hold them. The paper stock is thick, the black is a rich true black and the gold foil is printed perfectly, no chipping or scratches. In terms of use, I may punch one and put in in my planner for holding little notes or things I’ve maybe collected for my journal. My planner itself has been set up for a ‘magical’ type theme for January. This was before I received my box. However, with knowing the February Unicorn theme, I may change my dashboard and re-do the magical theme next month.
The rest of the pockets will be saved for my journalling and I might even keep some for future planners this year! There are 12 pockets, so plenty for me to play with!


The next item is sticky notes! I was about to purchase some the day before my box arrived and I’m so glad I didn’t. I shouldn’t really be spending on ‘extras’ this month so this came when I needed them! On top of that, they are gorgeous! They are by Heidi Swapp and again the quality is clear straight away. The paper is thick and they have gold foil and glitter designs on them. I love that something so small and simple can completely change the way a page will look.

sticky notes 1.jpg

The last item to talk about in this box are the stickers. These are stunning! Again, the quality of these couldn’t be any better. There’s three different sheets, one with gold stickers, one black and one white. They are printed on an acetate type material which is spot on for these tones. You get the best out of them because they don’t have to be complimented by a background colour. In terms of designs, they are perfect for planning as they have calendar numbers, inspiring quotes, days of the week, images etc. These will also work well for journalling, which to be honest is probably where a lot of them will end up. They are so nice that I feel I would waste them putting them on a week in my planner, the weeks go so fast! I would maybe use them somewhere else in my planner, a place I will keep but not on the weeks.


So that’s it for this months box! I’ve already started using some of it and I have plans for the rest. It will really compliment my white Colour Crush, especially as it has the gold interior. I’m very excited for next months box, UNICORNS! Cannot wait!

Below is my unboxing video and also Anna’s planning videos.

Bye for now,

Kelly xxx


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