February Brimbles Box – Unicorns!

feb brimbles main.jpg

So normally when I blog about the Brimbles Box, I talk about everything in the box one by one. This month I’m going to try something a little different. Firstly because the singular option can feel a bit repetitive and secondly, I’ll put a video at the end that basically is an audio version of the blog! So why have it twice?
That’s my thoughts at this point anyway! We’ll see if this lasts.

This month the theme was all about Unicorns! It was the most requested theme when Anna (the creator) put a questionnaire out late last year. A theme that I also requested amongst the many responses. So I was delighted when Anna started showing teaser images for the box.

I’ve subscribed to the Planner box in the Personal size. This meant that my box had goodies that relate to planner decorating, although the contents can be used in other areas. This month I’ve really noticed how much effort is put into keeping an element of consistency between the boxes. There are various types of boxes, Planner, Stationery, Stationery Big Box, Happy Mail etc. I know that the Happy Mail box can sometimes differ as it’s designed for pen-palling and similar activities. However, the other boxes will contain similar items. The differences being, the planner box gets a dashboard and charm, whereas stationery would have got, this month for example, badges and a checklist sticky notepad. That definitely takes some organising!

Onto the box! Although I don’t want to list one-by-one, I will talk about the contents. First of all I will talk about items that everyone most likely received.
These items are: (yes a list is coming…)
Anna’s hand-drawn artwork:
Welcome card
Rainbow Postcard
Unicorn stickers
Unicorn sticky notes
2x Mrs Brimbles branded washi tape (not hand-drawn)
Commissioned artists:
Sea Salt and Paper stickers
My Pretty Week Unicorn Notecards and Unicorn Bookmark
Other items:

Firstly all of Anna’s artwork is stunning. She regularly says that she is a bit nervous about sharing her artwork but it always welcomed and praised. This Unicorns and Rainbows in this box reflect why she should keep going. What I like about her style is that it’s a bit playful. It’s not rigid and perfected, it’s not been taken into Illustrator or Photoshop and retouched. By that I mean, the odd line with overlap or for example the hair on the unicorn isn’t measured out so that every colour gap is the same width. This approach means that the character is still in the artwork and it keeps the unique style.

paper bits
Right to Left: Planner Dashboard, Rainbow Postcard and Welcome Card


stick notes
Sticky Notes

In terms of colour options, a pastel choice of purple, pink and yellow has been chosen. These work so well together and is seen throughout the whole box. As mentioned there are two washi tapes, one glitter purple and one yellow with transparent stars. Again, these tie in with the theme.


In the video I mention that I have no idea which planner to put this in. I still haven’t chosen one! I’m currently in a Paperchase patent neon pink number, which I will talk about in a different blog. Although these items can work in here, I feel they will look better in my white Colour Crush. I’m loving the elastic strap on my current planner and have realised there’s no rush to use my Unicorn goodies, I’d rather wait till I want another planner switch up.

Secondly there are the commissioned artists. We have stickers by Sea Salt and Paper. These are planner stickers, in that they feature page flags, a weekend banner as well as other decorative images for planning. Although again, you don’t have to use them for that. In terms of colour, they completely match the theme and design wise they are adorable.

We also have notecards and a bookmark by My Pretty Week.  These are really cute and I love that they have a mixture of grid card and lined card. The Unicorn featured differs to the colour theme in that it’s bright rainbow colours. I have a Fauxdori from LyraandCo with these colours so that is exactly where I will use the bookmark and some of the notecards.


The last two items everyone most likely received, are the pen and pencil. The pencil is white with ‘I Believe In Unicorns’ in gold on the side. It’s so pretty that I will only use it for special occasion drawing!! The pen is a purple Swarovski pen (although some people may have received different). The top part holds little Swarovski crystals. The more I read about this pen, the more impressed I am and also want to save it for special occasions!
Note: if you want a pen like this, shop around for cheaper options. At the time of writing, I couldn’t see this on the Mrs Brimbles website.

pen pencil.jpg

Now as I’m a Planner subscriber, I also received two items relating to this box. Firstly the Unicorn Dashboard (pictured earlier) with Anna’s hand-drawn artwork. Secondly an Unicorn planner charm. This is actually an item that varied as I’ve seen a lot of people with a rainbow planner charm. As it goes, I’m really happy with the charm I received because around December, the Kawaiibox had a very similar rainbow charm. So it’s worked out well for me!


So that’s everything and my thoughts on the box. It’s so lovely that I’ve realised I’m hoarding the goodies! A habit that I really need to break out of, they’re there to be used.

Below is the link to the video, enjoy!

Kelly xxx


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