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I want to talk about some of my planners that I use for business/marketing. This is something that I’ve wanted to organise for quite a while. I’ve tried various methods, such as setting up a tab in my daily planner to creating my own bound planners. 


The problem with it being apart of my daily planner, for me everything felt a little overwhelming. It’s a lot to try and put in a small space. It really didn’t work and most of the time, those sections weren’t even used. 

The problem with my own bound planner was, firstly I used a sort of jump ring to hold it together. As these were loose and they moved in different directions, it meant turning pages could be quite tricky. Secondly, to an extent, it’s bound. I like to be able to add and remove things. 

As it goes, the planner I have chosen for this, well I’ve come full circle! I’ve decided to go for my Filofax Domino and I’ve decided to add a few more. 


First up, my reasons for going back to the Domino. I wanted a planner that I wasn’t precious about and could take some moving around. I now have four Filofax Domino Planners, one of which is a pocket sized planner. This is for my bag and out of all of them so far, it has had the most work in terms of being moved around. It’s holding up really well. 

What I love about the Domino is, as well as looking nice, it’s practical. For me, these planners will have a small amount of decoration, enough to be aesthetically pleasing but not so it’s overkill. I don’t intend to continually change the decoration, once it’s done, it’ll stay that way. That’s the plan anyway!

IMG_8257 (1).jpg

Another aspect I love is the elasticated strap around the planner opposed to a clasp closure. I will most likely store a lot of info together in these planners over time and the elastic means I can be a bit more free with how much I include. 

The patent leather is very thick and sturdy. It’s also quite bendy. Most of my other planners are quite stiff and in comparison feel they like a hardback book but this feels more like a folder or fancy Travellers Notebook with rings.

One drawback could be argued that as its patent leather, it can be dented and marked easily. I’ve known people to say they’ve had dents and they’ve healed themselves over time. This is something I will have to learn for myself. 


So how am I using them?

IMG_8265 (1).jpg

The A5 Turquoise, which is actually one of the first Planners I bought, is being used for my Etsy store. As my business has grown I’ve realised a simple tab section in my daily planner isn’t enough. It’s nowhere near enough! There’s a lot to be considered and over time I have realised I needed to dedicate a whole planner to this.
This has helped enormously because I can divide down the sections of my shop. For example,  ideas, sourced items, future plans, invoices, sent orders, you get the idea. Obviously as it’s my business I can’t go into the planner breakdown too much, also my work method may be completely different to someone else.
The best part of my Etsy Planner is the fact that I can now manage things more easily and think ahead to future ideas. It all stays in one place, whereas it all felt scattered before and progression was slow because of it.

Totoro Divider put together by myself for personal uses only

The A5 Pink is being used as my Marketing Planner.


This includes my blog, vlog or YouTube channel and Social Media platforms. This is an area I’ve wanted to get organised for ages! I was concerned that I was falling into a habit of talking about the same sort of things and not having a place to brainstorm and write ideas was making this even more difficult. As well as that, I was losing track of time and had no grasp what I’d posted outside of un-boxings and no real future ideas.

The bound planner that I made (I may write a separate blog about that) was created for my blog and YouTube. However I’d set it up with months so keeping up with it basically didn’t happen and I found at the end of the month I would return and document work and stats. This will now stay as a documenting planner.
The A5 pink however is a lot more free. I do have a calendar breakdown with goals for the month and a few other pages for goals and ideas but otherwise it feels less pressured. The enjoyment of making videos and writing blogs has returned.
The social media section has opened another door for me. This is an area I’ve yet to be brave enough to play with. By social I mean Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest. I know that these are the best places to market myself and in some I’m floating along and others I’m not doing so well. Having everything ‘social’ in one planner (blog, YouTube and the platforms) means I can see what is working across the board and what isn’t.
I will also use this Planner and my Turquoise together sometimes. Especially when it comes to Marketing. I have now had ideas for competitions which I wouldn’t have had before because I couldn’t see the wood for the trees! So from that point of view, it is slowly working.


I have a pocket sized pink Domino. As mentioned, this is my handbag Planner. Even though I have been using a Personal sized planner for the past few months, it still feels too big for my bag. Plus they are weighted once they are full up. I don’t always use my Planner when I’m out and about but I do like having it there just in case. So the pocket sized Domino made sense.


I also like to write lists! Whether they are creative, a distraction or practical lists (such as shopping list), I do make a lot of lists. This Planner is for that. As well as having a diary, because it’s handy if you need to book anything in whist out, this list planner has been really useful. Because of the size it’s easy to take anywhere, there’s a lot of list paper so I quickly jot something down and save it for later. This can then be transferred to a relevant Planner if necessary.


Lastly, the Planner I’m yet to move into. This is a bit obscure and I don’t imagine many people will have a Planner for this. I’m due to return to work after being off on Maternity Leave at the end of March/early April. The Personal sized pink Domino will be used as my Dog Grooming Planner. When I return, I will be in the final stages of training and I want a Planner to help me with this process. There is so much to consider and I want to break it down and make notes to help me to, at the end of the day, be the best I can be at the job. I will also have a diary in here because, fingers crossed, I will be on flexi-hours due to having two small children. As it spans 7 days a week and everyone goes on a rota system, I will need to really structure my week! This diary will be so important with my Daily, Marketing and Etsy Planner. They will all have to pull together if I want to make it work. I have no idea what state this Personal Domino will end up in! It’s going to get covered in Dog hair, I just know it! Luckily it’s wipe clean so hopefully that’s one thing to hang on to!

So that’s the four Filofax Domino Planners being used in four very different ways. I love that they co-ordinate and are all the same brand. Visually it makes it easy to find them at a glance. I like knowing that my Domino Planners are work related, with the exception of the pocket planner being a little floater between them all.

As with all my Planners, I co-ordinate them with my daily Planner, not a Domino. For example, if I need to carry out a certain task on a certain week, I will pop a short bullet point note on either a sticky note or a to-do section on my weekly diary spread, then refer to the related planner to take it further. So for example, in my Daily Paperchase Planner, I had a sticky note saying to write a Domino blog and in my A5 pink I have my notes and ideas for this.

My Paperchase Neon Pink Personal sized Planner. I’m using this as my daily planner and it’s much more decorated!

This is a system that works for me, it may answer the reoccuring question of how do people use multiple Planners. It’s a system that has cleared my head, my Daily Planner is the one I will change in and out of frequently as I like to have one I can be creative with and this stays at home.

Thanks for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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