Planner Con!

(written 25/4/2016)

Hello! The wanderer returns! Yes I know it’s been ages since I wrote a blog. Ages! With good reason and not the reasons I originally thought.

So fingers crossed I’ve done this right. I want to talk about my reflection to the Brimbles Planner Con. This will be two parts with one as a written blog and the other part as my video. The video will discuss how amazing the day was, what I got up to and the goody bag/haul. This blog is to talk about how the day left me feeling and what I took away with me from the event. There may be a little bit of cross over between this and the video but that’s to be expected.

I honestly can’t explain enough how much I needed this event to happen. For a good few weeks I’ve been spiralling into anxiety and a general negativity. To the point where I let it consume me. I would get to the point where I would instead of addressing it and thinking what I could do to improve it, I would wear it as a cloak. I’m stubborn by nature so it was easy for me to be in the mindset of ‘I’m going to be moody, it can’t be fixed’. However people wouldn’t know I felt like this because I’m very good at hiding it and pretending all is well. 

Truthfully I didn’t want to be like that at all. Everything felt heavy and it was affecting so many areas of my life. Last week I didn’t even properly have time for the children. I did what I needed to but it was like I was behind a thick pane of glass. I knew I could be there for them more but I couldn’t find the energy to do so. Which was frustrating and very upsetting.

The talks at the Planner Con somehow smashed me out of that place. I can’t specifically say what it was, I think the talks in general and that real feeling of being safe. I was amongst people who cared and understood. I left feeling like me again, confident in who I am. I know I have to work at it but I remembered who I am and that means the world to me.

I’m also trying to re-design my shop and make a structured business out of it. I have some big goals and the Planner Con helped me to wake up to these goals. 


The first speaker was the lovely Geraldine, known as Geraldine Jayne through her work and social media. I was so excited to meet this lady as through Facebook, she has also become a friend. Sometimes you meet people in life who you have a natural connection with and I feel Geraldine is one of these people. 

This is where I cross lines a bit with my vlog as I did talk about the content of her section of the day on there. Geraldine talked about a mixture of creative journalling and using positivity to enhance your life. She went through some difficult times and through this has made some big changes. 

She talked about creative journalling with things like Moleskin notebooks or whatever takes your fancy. Encouraging us to get something like this and completely throw yourself at it however you want to. She felt strange buying a pristine book and covering it in paint! This is something I started again last summer after remembering it from my college days. I bought a bound diary with the intention of art journalling monthly. It didn’t last and after the talk I can see why. I perfected it, I was never happy with what I created. Therefore, I held myself back and criticised it. 

I asked Geraldine which Facebook group she was apart of and she introduced me to the Documented Life Project. In order to join the group, you need to sign up with an account through here. I’ve actually decided to join the class which is around £8.50 for the year. I’m at the very beginning but from what I’ve read up on so far, they combine art journaling with planning. Two things I love, yey! In fact I should probably blog my progress with this, share my experience! I have a lot of faith in Geraldine, I love Art Journaling and Planning so it didn’t take much to grab my attention with this.

Geraldine then moved onto books. I do talk about these in the video so I’ll stick to one as it’s had a huge following! That book is My Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. I downloaded a sample to my Kindle to get a feel for it* I read that instantly and decided to buy the rest. At this point I am still early days into the book but I am enjoying it. Currently the Author has been telling us about his history and  it’s unbelievable! 

*at this point I would recommended getting a printed copy. A little further into the book, the author advises you to get a pen so you can write, highlight, fold corners etc. This really isn’t the same with a digital book!

I’ve been chatting with a few ladies from Planner Con who have decided to follow Miracle Morning and already they are seeing the benefits. The idea being that you get up early and set aside some tasks, whatever they may be. Doing this makes you more productive for the day ahead and should help give you a more positive outlook. I am scared of getting up even earlier, especially as my little one still causes broken sleep for me. But I won’t know until I try. 


So Anna! The organiser of the event, the creator of the Brimbles Box, the lady with 13,000+ subscribers on YouTube (personal goals!). Definitely someone who inspires me along with a lot of the other ladies at this event. FYI the planner con is open to both males and females, it just happened to be all women who bought tickets. 

Anna’s talk was about planning, time management and goal setting. 

I started write a blog post in March but I never finished it. Something Anna touched on was the idea of putting things off. She said if you put something off three times you’re not likely to finish that task. 

She talked about on being overwhelmed by tasks and the habit of putting them off. This almost finished blog post was constantly being moved around my to do list. Today I decided to delete that post. I didn’t enjoy writing it, I wasn’t interested when reading it so why continue to push it? 

Another point Anna made was the fact that we all or most of us say we don’t have enough time, not enough hours in the day. I have actually started writing in my diary, complaining away that I don’t have time. She then pointed about that a lot of people can waste time on social media, watching television or any other things we do that we don’t necessarily need to do. A very good point and for me, very true. I will spend most of my day worrying about time and feeling like its slipping away. That I’ve not done anything! 

This then took us to goals and to-dos. Anna pointed out that a goal can be as simple as putting the laundry away. Sometimes that can be a big achievement depending what kind of day you’re having and shouldn’t be overlooked. The idea of setting a top three goals for the day was introduced as it makes things more manageable. There was also the suggestion of having a literal to do list, outside of your planner. When it’s in your planner it can be difficult to get away from it, it feels bound in and is a constant reminder. A list on a list pad/bit of paper can be thrown away once completed. 

I’ve come away from Anna’s talk feeling better about the way I’ll organise my time and hopefully it’ll make me less sluggish. Wasting time on Facebook and watching television does demotivate me. I also REALLY want to push my business. These stickers went into the Planner Con goody bags and so far have been received well.


When talking about my dreams and goals with the shop, I had a lot of encouragement from everyone. The only thing that’s holding me back is me! I know things will be tricky, I’m fearful of failure but I always will be. However, there’s a new feeling of knowing I’m not alone, this has worked for other people and it can work for me. Here’s to the future!

Kelly xxx

If you want to see Geraldine’s talk in full you can see it here:

To see Anna’s talk click here:

Lastly my video filmed the day after Planner Con can be seen here:

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