Manchester Mini Planner Meet Up

Today I went into the city centre to meet with a few like minded, lovely planner ladies (addicts like myself!). It was organised by Daisy Martin of My Green Cow as she has recently moved up this way.

I decided to take Scarlett with me as I didn’t have any childcare. She’s a very easy-going baby so I figured all would be ok. If it wasn’t, I’d bring her back home.

We started off in the flagship Paperchase store we have here in Manchester. I can imagine it’s not as big as the London store but it’s still a decent size. There’s a coffee shop on the top floor where we all gathered and had a quick planner chat as well as talking a little bit about ourselves.

We then had a walk around the shop, there are so many beautiful things in Paperchase! We stood and drooled over the scrapbooking type pages for ages. Some gorgeous colour co-ordinations! I was really hoping to find the book ‘Flow’ that Daisy recently showed on her vlog but unfortunately it wasn’t there. It’s a book FULL to the brim of scrapbook and decorative type pages.

We then moved onto TK Maxx. The collection wasn’t that amazing in there, for the size of the store it only had a tiny isle. I found a list type pad which I really liked. I’ve been going through some personal stuff recently which I may talk about in another blog, but the wording on this pad links very closely to things going on at the moment.


We then moved onto Afflecks Palace which is a building stuffed with unique little shops. It’s changed a bit since I last visited, it felt lighter in there. There was no lift, at least not one in use, so Geraldine helped me carry Scarlett’s pram up the stairs! Not an easy task but we got there! Most of the shops were clothes or jewellery so I didn’t see much that I liked. There were a few bits sourced from Thunder Egg that caught my eye. Particularly a rainbow and a cloud night light. There were also some cocktail scented candles that were really summery, I was tempted!

We then moved onto the Northern Quarter which is an area known for creative/quirky bars, shops and restaurants. We ended up in another Thunder Egg store, where again I was tempted by MANY products. It’s absolutely full of amazingly unusual products. The first thing I saw was this ‘Mermaid Cup‘ bag! All the products in there were lovely but as they are so unique, they are quite pricey, for me anyway. I need to know I will put something to good use if I’m going to part with cash.

We then went to Magma which is a small shop selling magazines, books and the odd gift type product. I did see a couple of bits in there that I liked but nothing I wanted to buy. There was a prompts style book I was eyeing up but decided to leave it in the end. Annoying I can’t find it on the website, however I have come across these ‘Calm‘ cards. I love journal cards and anything therapeutic and calming will catch my eye at the minute. I didn’t see these in the store.

The last shop we went to was Fred Aldous. This is a well known arts and crafts shop in Manchester. Upstairs holds things like notebooks, creative projects and stationery supplies. Downstairs is more art materials like paints, papers, brushes, clay etc. I did buy a couple of bits from here, I could have bought so much stuff! However I managed to keep it to a  minimum. Firstly I purchased a beautiful notebook. I’m hoping I can use the cover for part of a dashboard and the pages will be put into planners.



Lastly I bought two washi tapes because you can never have enough washi!!


The afternoon itself absolutely flew by! It was so nice to catch up with everyone. Amazingly Scarlett fell asleep when we were in Magma. She had been fighting it for most of the afternoon, not through grumpiness, more so she didn’t miss anything!

Already looking forward to the next one 🙂



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