Carpe Diem Planner Setup

Recently I’ve been having a few issues getting organised. Yes, a planner addict who can’t get organised! Funnily enough, I’m not the only one.
I was originally using my Erin Condren and was happy in that for  at least four months. However I started to spin many plates and couldn’t grasp everything I needed to do. It meant that things I wanted to do, such as blogging, ended up being on the list in my head and never actually happened.


So I made a decision. Move back out of the Erin Condren and into a ring-bound planner. I tested it in a cheaper A5 that I have and put EVERYTHING in there. This quickly overwhelmed me, as I could physically see how much I was trying to manage. It was chaos in a planner, it needed organsing.

Paperclips, from the left, 1 and 2 by Sea Salt and Paper on Etsy. The 3rd one is from the Lollipop Box Club. Notepad from Wilkos. Stickers from Mrs Brimbles and Sticker Sunshine.

I then decided on two planners. Which brings me to this blog post (and video at the end). I have separated my life into four areas:

  • my everyday/lifestyle sections
  • shop
  • blog
  • youtube

Now this isn’t set in stone but I needed to start somewhere and these were the key areas I could pull out. This post will take a look at my Carpe Diem which is my everyday/lifestyle and shop planner. Another post will hold my Kikki K blog and youtube planner.


So I decided to get a Platinum Carpe Diem as it’s a shade I feel will go with many layouts and colour schemes.

I have made five main divider tabs:

  • monthly
  • weekly
  • shop
  • marketing
  • miscellaneous (lifestyle)


‘Monthly’ and ‘weekly’ have been separated. My reasons for this are due to the fact that I simply can’t have them together (e.g. month of June, followed by 4 weekly inserts, month of July etc). I need things visually simplified so the monthlies are together almost as a calendar and the weeklies are a running diary.

Within ‘shop’ I have two sections, one for ABeautifulPlan and one for Clients. These both have their own dividers broken down as follows:

  • Priority
  • To Do
  • Ideas
  • Finances


These are again, key areas I want to focus on for my shop and with clients. I’ve tried to follow a system that means things move by level of importance. Finance is it’s own area. I’ll start with an idea (so many ideas!), some of these will be pulled forward into ‘to do’ and be structured into tasks. These will develop and eventually become a priority.

Another way of looking at it is (in terms of stickers):

  • brainstorm (ideas)
  • moodboards and research (ideas, moving into to dos)
  • drawings (to do)
  • digital drawings/artworking/structure (to do)
  • final processes – artworking/printing/cutting (priority)

The next section is Marketing. Similar to above this is broken down into:

  • promo
  • ideas
  • stats

This is an area I’m trying to develop. It’s early days at the moment so again these were key areas I’m trying out. Stats, like finance, is it’s own area. However I can use it to see what is gaining more views and develop that. Ideas will be ways to promote any marketing areas I have for the shop or for the future (such as giveaways). Promo is an ‘live’ section and basically runs as a priority/diary area. In here I have added a page named ‘scheduled’. This is broken down with:

  • what –  what am I posting? Image for the shop/UglyBug Design Team? Youtube link? Off topic post? etc.
  • when – date I want to post it
  • where – which social media sites will I choose?

Lastly there is the miscellaneous section. It links more to my weekly dividers but I don’t want it at the front of my planner. Reasons for this are because it’s basically a brain dump area for anything else in my head. All sorts of things such as ordering my Son’s school uniform, an eye test for me, things to sort in the house, anything that doesn’t have a place! At the moment it’s broken down into four sections:

  • family
  • house
  • me
  • animals


So that’s everything in my first of two planner setups. I have began to use them and so far it’s working for me. I miss my Erin Condren layout so I’ve started to design some layouts that work for a ring-bound planner. I design stickers (some with a box layout) so it makes sense to use them. More info on that later 😉


Thanks for stopping by,

Kelly xxx




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