Confessions of a Plannerholic #2

This is the second edition of the ‘Confessions of a Plannerholic’ series run by Emma at The Stationery Geekette. This week is a Q&A (questions also chosen by Emma). I had considered filming a vlog for this instead of a blog post. However I have been crazy busy so I decided relaxing on a Sunday evening with a cup of Peppermint tea and the laptop would be much nicer. So let’s get to it!

1) What is your favourite planner?

Oh my word! I am a planner commitment phobe! I change my mind all the time as it depends what works for me. Right now I love my Carpe Diem planners, I have two. I have a Platinum which I bought first and then I bought an unused second hand Robin’s Egg. I bought them as they are literally going out of fashion, ready for the new line coming at the end of this month (July 2016). I’m a huge fan of the polka dot interior and this appears to not be in the new planners.
I love that they are slightly oversized and there’s so much storage. They’re really sturdy and can fit quite a bit inside them. I’ve used my Platinum everyday since I got it, I’m totally in love haha. I’m intending to use my Robin’s Egg as an extension of my shop planner as it won’t all fit in one. I have a setup blog post with video on my blog if you want to know more about the Carpe Diem.


2) Does your planner have a name, and if so what?

No it doesn’t/they don’t, commitment phobe again! If I named them I would feel bad moving into a different planner. Almost as if I was cheating on the first planner!

3) Favourite accessories?

You’ve got to have a good pen. My favourite tend to be the gel type pens with a really fine nib. I find these are great for writing small and fitting all the info I need into my weekly layout. I have a lot I need to remember!
Paperclips! A functional tool that can also be used to decorate your planner. I use paperclips with ribbons and tin pins to decorate my dashboard. I also use them on the top of inserts to help me access pages quickly.
Magnetic bookmars – similar to paperclips, these are really handy for marking key areas in the planner as well as adding decoration.

4) What’s your top planning tip?

Sunday night, plan your week ahead. I’ve always been someone who goes to bed on a Sunday evening and can’t switch off for worrying about what I need to remember for the week ahead. If I get it all down on paper, it almost feels like a brain dump. I’ve taken everything out of my head and structured it into my week. Best I can anyway.
Also, similar to this, have a notes type section in your planner. However you want to do it, currently mine is a miscellaneous section at the back of my planner. This is an area where you can jot information or things to remember when you can’t think where to put them. You can then come back to them later when they are more relevant and pencil them in properly.

5) Why Planners?

I’m naturally an anxious person. I constantly over-think things and my mind never stops. As a Mother of two young children, trying to work part-time and run an Etsy shop, it’s easy to get snowed under. I used to forget things all the time, I had to say to people don’t ask me to remember anything for you because I won’t.
I became sick of forgetting everything and not knowing if I was coming or going. So when I found the planning world, a huge weight was lifted. Adding structure to my day, visually in front of me made my life so much easier. I still have struggles, all the time, but I do remember to do things. I don’t spend the week worrying about remembering to do things. Now, because of my planner, I can focus on tasks one day at a time.

6) If you were stuck on a desert island what would your top 5 items be that you would want to have?

Ban_Do 2016 Planner

1 – My Ban_do planner/diary. This is my written diary that I fill in at the end of each day. Or some days I’ll write a few days in if I’ve been too busy. I find it interesting to read back and see how my year is progressing and how my life is developing.
2 – A Spile. Presuming the island has trees and hoping it doesn’t only work in The Hunger Games!
3 – Some sort of large knife. Cutting wood/foliage for shelter. Prepping the fish I will obviously catch with my bare hands.
4 – Rope. Lot’s of rope. Again shelter…make a raft and get off the god damn island!
5 – Travellers Journal with loads of notebooks and about 400 pens. I imagine I would write a lot!

It would probably be my worst nightmare being stuck on a desert island!

7) If there was a zombie apocalypse and you only have time to get to one shop but the pathway was clear to a Stationery store or a supermarket which would you chose?

Scratch that, this would be my worst nightmare. In fact I’ve had countless nightmares of this very thing. Still love a good Zombie film/TV series/Game/book!
I’d go with the Supermarket. I’d probably get distracted by the Stationery store on the way and slow for a few seconds. If I survive that, the Supermarket has medicine (ideally) and food/potential weapons. So I’d have to go for that.
If in doubt, I’ll go to the Winchester, have a pint and wait for it all to blow over.

8) You win 1 million on the Lotto. You can only buy 3 things, what do you buy? And why?

1 – A house, without a doubt. We rent and the UK property market is insane. So buying a house is a life goal. This will also have a Summer House in the garden which will be re-named as my Craft House. It will house all of my creative projects.
2 – I’d probably go on some crazy style stationery/craft spending spree. This would have no thought process and I would need to make the other half give me a limit!
3 – Holiday to America. Treat the family and more craft stores! I would also have to squeeze in a New York trip as I adore the place. I’ve been lucky enough to visit once and would love to go back.

So that’s everything for the Q&A! Thank you for reading and seeing a glimpse of my mind!

Kelly xxx

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