Pokémon GO!……..sort of

Ok so you may have noticed that a little game has launched recently named Pokémon GO. Now this post isn’t going to be a ‘how to play’ or anything like that because there are already much more experienced people than me out there!

A little bit of history of me and Pokémon. I’ve grown up with Pokémon with it being very popular throughout my teens. It was everywhere! It stayed. Even before the Pokémon GO release, Pokémon was still visually in my life.

I never bothered with the cards, I was always more interested in video games. Now I’ve always been a Sega Megadrive/Sony Playstation kind of girl. The first Nintendo product I owned was in Uni, up until then I had played friend’s consoles. The first Nintendo console I owned was the Nintendo DS Lite. Originally I favoured games such as Harvest Moon, Nintendogs and Tomb Raider.


It was only until a couple of years ago that I actually bought my first Pokemon game, Pokémon White. I loved it! I had seriously been missing out and finally understood the hype! Finding Pokémon, training them and battling was my life whenever I got the chance!

I haven’t played an original game and it’s on the life goal to do list as I’ve heard Pokémon White is an updated version that lack original characters.

So fast forward to Pokémon GO! I first saw this via Social media. I’m in a few US planning groups and screen shots, off topic posts, were popping up. I wanted to know what it was! When the UK release date rolled round I jumped on the bandwagon.

I spent the first evening running around on the spot. I genuinely thought it didn’t work for me/the servers were too busy or down. I spoke to a few gamer friends who informed me that you need to get out and about, hence the GO part of the game name.

I had essentially running around on a square that represented my house!


I had a short walk to the post office the next morning. My avatar started to move! It was working! I reached a Pokéstop (an area of interest, place where Pokèmon lurk, place to get goodies) and didn’t really know what to do. After prodding the screen for a bit I gave up and carried on walking. I didn’t find any Pokémon on this attempt.

So the next day I took my phone with me in the car whilst my other half drove to do the nursery/metrolink drop off. We went past the same Pokéstop but I was too far away to spin the disk (which I had now learnt gives you goodies such as Pokéballs etc). Not a lot happened for a while and then we drove into an area with about four Pokéstops and I found them! One appeared on my dashboard, a Zubat! The interface changed to camera mode and I attempted to throw a Pokéball (to catch the Pokèmon). I quickly learnt I am extremely rubbish at throwing Pokéballs.
I have since read up that you can click the missed Pokéballs before they disappear. I am also rubbish at this. The Zubat flew in front of my other half’s face as he was trying to drive which had me giggling away. At this point the children were wondering what on earth was going on!
I caught it!!! My first Pokémon! I had to drive after dropping everyone so that was my fun over.


I continued on the nursery runs as I knew the post office walk was useless! I also decided to play on my way to a piano lesson. There were loads of them! Again I realised I am terrible at throwing Pokéballs, abysmal even! So I didn’t catch one on my way in but after my lesson, success! I was walking with friends at this point and it made me extremely anti-social but I got a Pokémon and that’s all that matters!

So I have a grand total to date of 9 Pokémon and 3 eggs (??). What do I think of the game at this point? I do like it, I love it when I can actually play it! I need to get out more! When I have the kids I can’t exactly have my face stuck to my phone. Also where I live it rains, every day. I’m a bit of a cat and hate being wet!
I keep seeing people posting images of Pokémon appearing in their houses. This hasn’t happened for me. I’ll admit I was looking forward to playing it in the house with my Son, I think he would have believed it to be real (he’s 4).
I am hoping to find time to go out with him and play it but again, rain, and I would most likely have my Daughter in the pushchair. Priority is watching both children and hoping my Son doesn’t drop my phone!

Will I ever get to play this game? I hope so, it will be a case of playing whilst fitting it into my everyday life. For other people on work commutes (not driving) or who have time to be able to go out whenever they like, this game is great.

*update* had a go whilst the family walked to my Son’s swimming class,and it meant I could get my Son involved. I had a nightmare trying to catch a Zubat! No matter where I threw the pokèball, I could not catch the damn flappy Zubat! We stopped for a van to cross in front of us. I threw the pokèball (swiped the screen), it bounced off the van and caught the Zubat! Very impressed with that, the reactions to your surroundings are outstanding!

If you’re one of the few people who is intrigued but hasn’t tried this out yet,  definitely give it a go. Also it’s a free download!

Thanks for stopping by,

Kelly xxx




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