Confessions of a Plannerholic #3

This week we’ve been given the option of talking about anything again. I wanted to keep it planner related so I’ve decided to list and discuss my top 6 planner go to items (as of July 2016).
The current planners I am using are A5 ring-bound planners and tend to stay at home. These have a structured breakdown of my home life, shop, marketing, blogging and vlogging.

The other type is a personal sized planner that is used when I’m and about. It has a diary and sections for my planner areas. However these only hold note paper and the information is transferred into the big planners when I’m at home.
Now I won’t include things like inserts/dividers as they’re expected to be in planner anyway.

This will be more ‘planner accessories’. I wanted to add planner charms as I love them but they are more decorative and once it’s on the planner I don’t really use it, it’s just there being pretty!

So what 6 planner items do I frequently use?


I love pens with a really fine nib. In fact, until I started planning I never knew they existed! I’m someone who likes to write a lot of little things in my planner so a pen that enables me to write small is brilliant. They work well on paper, they don’t tend to bleed through and dry quickly. The pens are usually very thin and sit nicely in my hand. I have quite a few of them! Lastly, these pens usually have a lovely design printed on them or have some form of decoration on the end or lid. It’s something that has annoyed my other half! I’ve caught him in my little corner staring at my pen pots, apparently “unable to find a normal pen!”. At least they don’t go missing.



What planner addict doesn’t like washi tape? Again another item I never knew existed before I started planning. Washi tape is amazing. Small, tearable, decorative adhesive paper. It’s a quick way to add decoration or colour to a planner spread. It can be used on the hole punch areas, as a way to separate areas (such as weekdays and weekend), add borders to a page, highlight areas, etc. When it’s used as a border along the edge of the page it can be very satisfying closing your planner and seeing a tiny bit of the colours and patterns. There are other ways to use washi tape but I’ll save that for another day. One of the most satisfying things about washi tape is when your collection grows. Looking at the various rolls, colour co-ordinated in whatever storage you choose. Then being able to colour match this tape to a sticker kit or theme you’re putting together for your planner.


Paperclips/bookmarks/page markers:

These are other items I frequently use and in different ways. I will sometimes use a standard small paperclip to hold pages together in my planner.
I will glue collected bits and pieces onto large paperclips. Such as, tin pins, plastic or wooden die cuts, laminated ephemera, crochet items. These will sit in the secretarial pockets as apart of my dashboard, giving colour and theme to the planner. I will also use the bigger paperclips along the tops of the pages to organise/hide away and act as a page marker. When there are a few of these, again visually it can be very satisfying seeing them all poking out of the top of your planner.
Magnetic bookmarks and metal/wooden type page markers play the same role here. They can be added to the dashboard or used throughout the planner as a way to quickly mark out a section.



This was always going to be in my top 6! I love stickers so much that I started to make them. The image below shows my rainy day kit. I’ve actually used the personal sized stickers I put together on an A5 page. This was due to a print error so they needed to be used and I wanted to try them out.
The second is my Vintage Ice Cream kit used on the planner inserts I also created. It shows another way of using stickers for a layout.
Like washi tape, stickers add decoration to a planner layout. They can turn a dull, bare space into something that feels creative and you want to use it. It was the sticker decorating that had my mouth on the floor when I found the planning world. I loved it! A diary layout that I would actually use! I’m terrible for putting nice things to one side as I don’t like to ruin them. This was a way for me to get over that problem and actually use pretty things by combining them with my day to day diary. It was amazing!
I then learnt about functional stickers, instead of using my average hand-writing to alert me of to-do’s, I could now have a pretty sticker for it! This is now something I am playing with design-wise for my shop. So far I’m pleased with what I’ve made, however I’ve asked for suggestions on a post in my facebook group as I want to create stickers to help other people. Watch this space!



Sticky notes:

They are brilliant! Before planning all I knew of were the fluorescent sticky notes you could buy in most shops. Fast forward to my planning life and there are loads of different designs and shapes! I have leaves, clouds, flowers, animals, so many sticky notes. I also have patterned sticky notes as well as tiny little ones for small notes.
I tend to attach a few of them to the back of a laminated dashboard or divider. This means they are always there when I need them. I have tonnes of thoughts, ideas, things to remember constantly bouncing around my head. Sticky notes provide a place to quickly jot these down if I can’t think of the best section for the thought. If I have the gist of it, say if it’s related to the shop, I can pop it within that section and when I have time, sit down and develop the thought further/add it properly to the shop section.
I may also not have the planner I need with me. I have different planners for different things, such as my blog. I can write my idea on a sticky note and move it later.


List Pads:

I adore long list pads. I’m forever jotting down lists and stuff I need to do. Sometimes it won’t fit in my planner or on a sticky note and a list pad provides me with a space to quickly write and get everything I need noted in one place. I will then tear that sheet off and paperclip it into my planner in a place I will need it and see it.
I love the shape of these list pads. There are other versions out there that are more square shaped and generally wider but my favourite without a doubt are the long narrow list pads. I guess because it makes everything clearer, you can simplify what you need to write and it becomes an actual list instead of sentences.
Lastly the designs! There are so many lovely list pads on the market. They can link in with your planner themes and again you want to use them and have them in your planner.


So that’s my top 6 go to planner items and how I use them.
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Thank you for reading,

Kelly xxx

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