Confessions of a Plannerholic #4

I’m a little bit late to the party this week! I’ve been very busy over the weekend and last week I was working hard on some new stickers for the shop. 

It also means I now have a few more blogs waiting behind this one to be created!

So this week for the confessions is another Q&A. There may be some similarities between other posts but I’ll try to make it as fresh as possible.

1. How many planners do you own?

Oh god, real confession time…I don’t know!!

More than I need (probably). There’s definitely people who have more than me but I do have a substantial collection. 


2 Carpe Diem

1 kikki k 

3 dokibook (one was a RAK)

2 Filofax domino (used for sticker storage)

1 Cordwain Higgler


3 Webster’s Pages (there was a sale!! For two of them anyway)

1 Filofax domino (although I’m looking to sell this)

1 paperchase paint splodges 

1 Filofax original

1 paperchase neon pink

Travellers Notebooks

2 websters pages

2 lyradoris

Discs and Coils

1 Erin Condren (second planner I bought)

1 Happy Planner (for stickers tests, reduced right down as it’s an old planner)

Book Type Planner

1 passion planner (first planner I bought)

I’m Kelly and I am a planner addict! I’m not entirely convinced that’s all of them!

Oh my, that’s a lot. Moving swiftly on….

2. What is your favourite pen?

I kind of covered this in my last post in that I love very fine nibbed pens. I like these for writing in my planners as you can fit a lot into a small space. However I keep these pens for my planners only as they can feel a bit scratchy against paper.
If I was to write a lot, say in a journal, I would choose a different pen. I would prefer a Ballpoint type pen. I’m yet to find my favourite! At the moment I will go for a cheap Bic medium pen. I have them in a few colours, they’re noting fancy by any stretch of the imagination but I like the way they feel on paper. The only drawback is that I can’t make my hand writing small with them. I’m still searching for my favourite writing pen. 

3. Do you have a favourite theme? 

There are a few things that will catch my eye. Anything Autumnal always gets my attention. The rich colours, the cosy themes and it’s my favourite season!

Similarly to Autumnal, I love anything that is linked to nature. Flowers, Leaves, Wildlife, I love it all!

I also like colour! Ive recently subscribed to the Planner Society as the kits have always stopped me in my tracks. The are beautiful! They usually seem to feature a floral design amongst the artwork, which as mentioned will always win me over.
The same goes with the Lollipop Box Club kits. I’m a real visual person.

So yeah, Autumnal, Nature and Colour.

4. How many rolls of Washi do you own? 

Not enough actually. I could own loads! I’d say it’s between 50 and 60, it certainly wouldn’t fill a drawer. I’m still building my Washi collection, I sometimes buy it if I see it in a shop and like it. A lot of my Washi has come from subscription boxes. Compared to my planners, my washi collection is quite modest!

5. Stickers or Washi?

Ooooo that’s a hard one!! They kind of go together. If I had to choose, even though I make stickers, I’d have to choose washi! I find if I’m struggling for time and want to make my page pretty, washi is a quick way to do this. A little bit on the edges or along the hole punch line can do wonders for a blank page.

Having said that, I will always have sticker sheets in my planner. I tend to add more stickers over the week. Especially if they are functional type stickers.

I’m not a fan of wrapping washi around cards for portable use in planners. I much prefer it straight from the roll. So if I’m at home at my desk decorating, washi. If I’m out and about or in another room, stickers. 

6. Rings, Discs or Coils?

Rings will always be my favourite, look at my planner list! There is something about setting up a ring bound planner that you can’t get with a discs or coil planner. Having that blank canvas to set up with the colour scheme of your choice. Your style, whether it be structured and beautiful, chaotic and colourful or minimal and functional.
You have your dashboard and secretarial pockets where you can stuff in as many sticky notes, paperclips, journal cards and ephemera as you wish.
You can make pockets to store more bits and pieces within the planner or buy pre-made wallets or zip wallets.
I can’t get enough of it all, I love the creativity you can have as well as having something to help structure your life. 

As shown in my list, I do own both a coil and disc planner. I prefer the feeling of discs over a coil. I find it much smoother when you turn pages and it’s slightly easier to fold back on itself. My main issue with these planners are that they already have a set layout, so to speak. You can’t really ‘move in and out’ of them like you would a ring bound planner. You can decorate them and they will look amazing but you can’t physically change they setup. 

So that’s my confessions for this week. Think it’s safe to say I’m a Plannerholic!

Thanks for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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