The Stationery Geekette Bookclub Box

I am so excited about a new box being launched on Monday 1st August by Emma at The Stationery Geekette. This will be for a pre-order.

I’ve been speaking to Emma for a few months now and have heard little bits about the box. However a lot of information was kept under wraps.

In the last few weeks, Emma has started to give out little bits of information and teasers here and there. It’s now been released that the box will contain a book and 3 accessories to compliment the theme.

I love this idea and genuinely believe it could be the start of something big. I’ve always been someone who enjoys reading, I can get lost in a book for hours. There’s nothing better than a book that grips you and you can’t put it down.

Since becoming a Mum, I’ve found it harder to find the time to browse a book shop and find something special. I tend to download samples on my Kindle, some I like and buy the book, some I’m not as sure.

I have a lot of samples. I find my commitment to a book isn’t as strong with the Kindle because everything is so accessible. You are literally in a digital library and if one book isn’t gripping you, it’s very easy to give up and find another.

This isn’t as simple with a hard copy of a book. When I have found time to buy a hard copy, I will sit and read it more. You can’t get passed that feeling of a real book in your hands. You can also visually see your progress in the book which you can’t really do with a Kindle.

What I love about this box is that it’s almost as if I have my own personal book finder. Someone who is saying, give this a go, you might like it. I also like it because it feels really personal, something nice and quiet for you to do. I rarely get quiet time to myself so when I do, I make the most of it. Being able to sit with a book, the goodies that come with it and a glass of wine sounds like heaven!

Emma had advertised looking for people to be a rep for her box, people to review and promote the boxes. I had contacted and asked to be considered. However I’d been watching for updates in the Facebook group and saw the teasers for this months box. Head on over to the group if you want to have a peek 😉

I then contacted Emma to ask how much boxes would be (£15 excluding postage) and could she put me down for one. I already knew I needed to try this out! So I was over the moon when she responded saying that I was someone she wants as a rep for her box!! I couldn’t believe it! I’m so happy!!

So yes, I’m on The Stationery Geekette Bookclub Box Team! Goes to show if you’re brave enough to ask and have a genuine belief in the product, it will get you places.
The other member of the team is the lovely Chloe Murray, someone else who I’ve been lucky enough to get to know over time. I can’t wait to work with both Emma and Chloe 🙂

I now know what is in the first box and it’s good, really good! I can’t wait to receive mine! If you like dark fantasy then you’ll like this. The goodies in the box are amazing as well!

I’ve also been updated on plans for future boxes, Emma really has done her homework. I can’t wait to see these take off!

So where will the boxes be available? On The Stationery Geekette’s Etsy shop! It’s on holiday at the moment whilst everything is being prepared. Join the Facebook group and Instagram accounts for updates.

Here is the link to Emma’s blog about the launch.

Keep an eye out for updates on this via my blog, youtube and Instagram.

Thanks for stopping by,

Kelly xxx


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