Lollipop Box Club – ‘Flower Fairies’


I decided to buy a one off Lollipop Box Club box. I did have a subscription but it was for 6 months and since then I have decided to buy boxes when I see ones I really like. This is to partly allow me to try other subscriptions out there and also to help finances.


This box popped up on my social media a lot and I thought it was beautiful! I love flowers, I love fairies (so much that I have a tattoo of a fairy on my right hip) and I knew I had to get it.


I’ve actually made an unboxing video for this which you can find below. Everything in this months box is gorgeous. It’s jam packed full of crafty goodies and the packaging itself is beautiful, like every Lollipop Box I’ve purchased.


Here is the video of the unboxing:

Kelly xxx

2 thoughts on “Lollipop Box Club – ‘Flower Fairies’

  1. Haha! It wouldn’t be the first time I’ve convinced people. It’s a brilliant box, I’m already using bits.
    Such a shame with the Planner Society! I’ve just received my first box and I love it. I understand having to save money as well, I’m going to have to start cutting back soon.


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