Strawberry Picking!

I recently took the family Strawberry Picking. I haven’t been for years! My Mum used to take me to a little farm when I was young. I loved it, I used to take my tub along the fields and fill it with as many strawberries as I could (as well as sampling!).

I found a place in Warrington named Kenyon Hall Farm. It was much busier than expected but it didn’t put us off. 

I was surprised to see there was a lot of produce on offer including strawberries, raspberries, gooseberries, blackberries, broad beans. They also have corn growing for later in the year. 

We decided to start with strawberries but were warned it was a bit slim pickings. They weren’t wrong! We probably had about 6 medium sized strawberries. The rest were diddy little things but the children loved it. 


George found all of the decent strawberries, I guess he is closer to the ground! We managed to fill a box, the pic shows two boxes but we emptied them into the one after. 


We then moved over to raspberries. Some of these were ok but the majority weren’t ready. 

Next to these were bushes full of Tayberries. Loads of them! So, as we’d never heard of them, naturally we tried one. Don’t do that. Ever. I thought my mouth had turned inside out! Bitter and dry doesn’t even come close! These must be for cooking.

After the horror of the Tayberries, we moved to blackberries. It was tricky to find the berries that were ready. The bushes were full of thorns and typically the best ones were right in the middle. 

I had a thick waterproof jacket on (Greater Manchester, it rains, a lot) so I used my sleeve as a protector to lift the branches. 

George became my spotter, again perfect height and I found a good load of blackberries. 

These were actually the Raspberry bushes…we were too busy working as a team on the Blackberry bushes 🙂

It was safe to say we couldn’t hide the fact we’d sampled these. My hands were a deep purple as was George and Scarlett’s faces! 

We’d filled both of our tubs (we chose to have 2), when weighed they came to about £7.

There farm has a lovely shop, we didn’t go in as it was really busy. I did see a lot of herbs and flowers for sale. There’s also a cafe which smelt amazing!

However we decided to go for one of the ice creams being sold outside. The kids then had a play on the play park. Behind this is an old tractor, which both George and Scarlett had to sit in!


There was also a Pig shed at the back of the play park. This had a Mummy pig and her piglets. Absolutely adorable!

Despite the weather, we had a lovely day out. Like I say it was busy and full of families with young children, which was perfect for us. It was nice to do something different together and see the excitement on our Children’s faces.


Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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