Confessions of a Plannerholic #6

This week, we have been asked to share our wish list. I’m in a position where there is nothing I desperately want. I’ve recently purchased a few bits and have a few subscription boxes I’m signed up to, these keep me happy.

Having said that, there always things a Planner Girl wants. Always. Not all of the below are planner related but a good chunk of them are, naturally not everything I want will be stationery 😉


I’ll start with a recent purchase, it was on my wish list for a while and I finally bought it. It’s a planner pouch from StitchandWeave. I loved the long stemmed white rose design. This shop is owned by Jeni who is on my Design Team. I’ll quickly mention that I didn’t get any discount or anything, I know Jeni would have offered this if I had said I was going to buy. Instead I bought it without saying so, full price, as I want to support her business.
When the pouch arrived, which is personal sized, I was head over heels. It’s gorgeous! The roses have so much definition and the design is beautiful. I can’t stop looking at it! It did get a few extra goodies with it. Jeni made some crochet designs for some paperclips and a planner charm (a strawberry, flower and ladybird). These are also lovely, so cute! I really hope these turn up in the shop as I would definitely buy them.


Coleto Pens

I first saw these shared by Daisy at MyGreenCow. I know she adores these pens and says they are lovely to write with. I love the designs on them, particularly the Earth designs. These pens have a barrel and clickers (definitely a technical term) which allow you to have a number of refill inks in them at once.

They remind me a lot of the multiple biro ink style pens that have been around for years. However with these, you can choose a selection in nib sizes, 0.3mm, 0.4mm, 0.5mm. I love being able to write small in my planners so this aspect appeals to me.

I haven’t purchased one yet as I haven’t been desperate enough to, I also need to read up more about the pens. I believe you can also get a gel ink refill which I would prefer. I’m not sure if I would find the pen to feel chunky in my hand, I much prefer a slim pen. As much as I want to try the Coleto Pen, I’m not in a rush to purchase. So for now I’m happy to wait, may be one for the Christmas list.

Another Kikki K

After purchasing my Wellness Kikki K Planner, I fell in love with these planners. They are so well made and lovely to use. Given the choice I would either go for the ‘Ocean’ design or the ‘Black Cherry’, in either large or medium. When it comes to these designs I’m not fussy! However these are both discontinued and are now Unicorns. Chances of getting one without breaking the bank is highly unlikely.

Currently there isn’t anything on the website that catches my eye. I did like the Vanskap planner, which is currently in the sale. However I have no need for it right now so it would be a pointless purchase, especially when I need to save money! I also like the paper lovers books available, the Vanskap edition caught my eye. However again it’s a spend I don’t really need right now.

Project Life Picturesque Kit

I love journal cards. Love them! So when I saw the designs on this particular kit, it went straight on the list. It’s absolutely stunning. I’m sure I will get it at some point, maybe another one for my Christmas list.

Happy Planner Mini

I’m not even sure if this is the right name for it but there have been rumours floating around about a smaller sized version of the MAMBI Happy Planner. I would love to give this a try. The one thing I find about current coil or disc planners is that they can be quite big and bulky. A mini version definitely gets my attention! If there is still the option of boxes for sticker decorating then I’m all over it!!

iPad Pro

Not a planner related item but it does relate to me. The majority of my stickers and inserts are drawn by me. I have a Wacom tablet and sometimes use it but it can be tricky drawing on a pad and seeing it come to life on the screen. Something I still need practice with. Most of the time I favour the track pad on my laptop.

The difference with the iPad Pro is that it is essentially a touch screen drawing tablet. As well as all the other iPad related stuff. The idea of being able to draw straight onto the screen with a stylus is a dream to me! It would be so much easier! Maybe one day.


There are a few Dokibooks that have caught my eye. The first being the Royal Purple which I wrote a blog about a good while ago now. I love the colour! I don’t know what type of closure I would have on it, I’d probably lean towards the snap closure or elastic as I do like to fill my planners!

The other design I always stop to look at is the Discagenda. Originally I liked the Diva (rose gold) release but I’ve seen that there are new colours in the range, including aquamarine, sky blue and lavender. It will be bulky but it could always live on my desk!

Scrapbook Paper, Ephemera and Journal Cards

This is kind of a never ending area. I always have time in my life for these things. I love using them for journal work, making dividers and decorating my planner.


Again, never ending. I will always need more notebooks.

Virus/End of the World type books

I am going through a phase, again, where I read books about a virus outbreak that essentially either wipes out mankind or they find a cure. The more gruesome the better, I don’t know why but this sort of stuff fascinates me. I tend to flit from Zombies to Viruses. I do like other genres obviously, but for now, it’s pandemics.
Currently reading Blue Death – The Awakening by James Dillinger. I’ve enjoyed it, an easy read and definitely kept me hooked. The wish list has the second book, Blue Death – The Reckoning, waiting for me. Books like this go on my kindle, they’re quick reads that I don’t tend to read again after. Plus as it’s £0.99 on the Kindle, why not.

I also read The Cursed Child recently. What can I say? I loved it, of course I did. I’m hoping to write a further blog to this soon.

Etsy Shops

Isabelle The Owl – Stickers

This shop has been on my radar for a good while now. The stickers are artworked to a high standard and they are gorgeous. The colour schemes are well thought out and always look lovely in planners. There’s quite a few I would buy from the shop, the summer designs for the personal planner (still available) are so nice! These include the sunflower snaps and Florals on Film. I’m also loving the additions appearing for Autumn!

Little Rainbow Moon – Mystery Kit

A little while ago,Little Rainbow Moon started releasing mystery kits. I’ve seen the September one has a cosmic theme (I think, I could be wrong!) and it certainly got my attention. At the moment, I’m in a buy if I need it frame of mind. However as soon as I can, I will be snapping up one of these little babies! I’ve bought fromLittle Rainbow Moon before and love the products, they are bright and fun. They use a mixed media style that has always appealed to me, right from the opening of the shop.

Linous Pots – Stickers

I have admired this shop for ages. The artwork is stunning! It is on the more pricey side for stickers but a lot of work goes into them so I can see why. They are all hand-drawn, watercolour artworks. They are honestly beautiful, I was blown away when I first saw them. They are the sort of stickers I would save for something special, without a doubt!

Crafty Ali Cat

I’ve bought twice from this shop now and both times I’ve been super happy with my purchases. First time round I bought journal cards which I have a video for on my YouTube, in fact it also features Little Rainbow Moon. The journal cards are amazingly well made, I genuinely couldn’t get over the quality of them!
Second time round I bought some papers for my personal ring bound planner and some Mini Milestones cards also for my planner. As well as this I got some more journal cards, calendar cards and a fold out calendar for my planner (2017), complimentary!


I can’t get over how good the customer service is for this shop and I know for a fact I will be shopping again. Come to think of it, the reason I last visited was due to a sale. The mini minestones cards weren’t in the sale and I had to move myself to the checkout before I bought anything else!

So that’s everything on my current wish list, items and shops I want to buy from.

Thank you for reading,

Kelly xxx

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