Scarlet Lime Planner Society July Box and Planner Setup

Last month I received my very first Scarlet Lime Planner Society box. It’s a subscription I’ve had my eye on for a long time and finally bit the bullet and went for it. I am so glad I did! Everything in the box blew me away. The designs and colour co-ordinations are to die for.  It’s created by Christie Tomlinson and is sent out from the US. All designs are created for the boxes. 

When it comes to how you use these kits, there aren’t any rules. You use them however you want to, some elements are linked to planners but you could use a lot of it for journalling or happy mail if you wanted to.
In terms of planners you can use whatever size you want, a lot of people use their kits in Traveller’s Notebooks.


In terms of what’s on offer, there are four different kits available. The Planner Society (which I am signed up to and is the biggest, most varied kit) containing things like, scrapbook paper, a pen, ephemera, stamps, stickers, washi tape, divider tabs, sticky notes, paperclips. The Sticker Society which includes 5 planner related sticker sheets. The Washi Society which contains one large washi and two regular sized washi’s, designed to match the current kit. Lastly the Box Sticker Society which is a new kit designed for box type planners (e.g. Erin Condren).

What I love about the The Planner Society  is that it provides everything you need for planner decorating. Basically it’s everything but the inserts, so all your dividers and beautiful bits for your planner. 

There is a bit of imagination needed, you don’t get ready-made dividers for example. Instead you get 8.5×11 scrapbook paper. This is a new size added to the kit meaning you can make two A5 sized dividers from one sheet. Obviously that’s if you choose to setup an A5. The kit also comes with tabs to add to your dividers. I’ve used both the tabs and ephemera on mine after seeing other people doing the same. 


I could not wait to get going. As I’m UK based, I had already seen a lot of sneak peeks of the kit and the full kit pictures when US people received them. This used to bother me with other subscription kits, however I actually quite liked being able to see what was coming. It meant that I could mentally prepare what I would create for my planner.

I had decided to go for a personal sized ring-bound planner, my Filofax Original in Dark Aqua. I’d seen the colour schemes and knew it would work well with this. When the kit came, I decided to film my unboxing video so that I could start setting it up as soon as possible.


I am so pleased with how it turned out, so much that I’ve actually ended up moving into it as a main planner. In my set up video (linked below), I had said the plan was for it to be an almost notebook type of planner. Something to go everywhere with me and I would refer back to my A5 planners when I was at my desk.
However August has already been a busy month, we’ve had a holiday and we are going away again soon. I found having everything with me in my personal planner has been much easier. Today was the first time I sat at my desk in just over a week. So it made sense to stick to one planner for now as a main planner. I do have my shop and blog planners but these are more updated instead of daily use.


I can honestly say I’ve loved using my planner with this kit. It does go everywhere with me and it’s been great for jotting down quick ideas. I love the way it looks with the kit, it’s a joy to use.
I’ve also found my planner has functioned well. I don’t know if it’s because of the notebook feel, apart from my monthly/weekly, behind each divider section I have blank paper, notepaper and grid paper. It’s kept everything simple for me. I do have a Webster’s Pages project page in one of the sections but typically I’m yet to use this.

I think when I’ve had planners before, I’ve added a range of inserts to add creativity but it actually caused confusion. With the bright, colourful dividers with the Planner Society kit, I felt I could tone the inserts down. I stripped them right back to basics and it’s left me with a straight forward, visually stunning, functional planner.

Until the next kit arrives!

Please see my video for the planner setup below.

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7 thoughts on “Scarlet Lime Planner Society July Box and Planner Setup

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  3. Hi Kelly, great post so much info thank you as im thinking of biting the bullet and subscribing to this box. Can you tell me what it’s like shipping time wide and also does it incur any customs or vat costs?

    Thanks again



      1. Alicia

        Yes UK based and that’s fantastic about the costs and shipping time, that’s quicker than I expected. Consider me enabled lol. Is it hard to get on the subscription list? I’ve read they only accept new subs every now and then?

        Thank you for the follow, I’m a complete noob that everyone (including you) are all so kind and helpful! Xxx


      2. No worries, we all start somewhere. I literally just went with it 😂 and here I am!
        There’s a group on Facebook for the planner society #officialgroup it’s usually announced in there when new subs are open. I got on quite quickly because of that 🙂 x


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