Confessions of a Plannerholic #7

This weeks topic is ‘planner regrets’.
I would say when it comes to this subject, an area of biggest regret has been certain planners that I’ve purchased.
One of my biggest regrets has been buying pocket sized planners.
I currently have two after selling a third. These are a pink patent Filofax domino and a Paperchase paint splodges. Both were impulse buys, the second more so than the first (in the sale).

I setup the pink with the intention of having it as a planner for my bag/out and about.

I think I maybe used it twice. It was too small and felt really fiddly when I was trying to write in it. I loved the way it looked with the dividers, inserts and paperclips. However functionally it just didn’t work.

I think I moved into the paint splodges for a similar reason and again couldn’t get on with it.

I should really sell them but honestly haven’t gotten round to it yet.

I now know that personal size is my ideal, all-rounder planner. It’s great for my bag, it works at home and it’s big enough to get information notes that I need. A5 works for really busy times but they tend to be house bound planners.
Buy cheap, buy twice. My second regret.


I’ve bought a few planners here and there over time because they were cheaper. Don’t get me wrong, my A5 domino (extra confession, I have one of each size!!), is amazing. I love these planners because they’re well made and seem to be able to handle anything. Obviously unless, in my case anyway, it’s pocket sized.

They are also on the cheaper end of the scale.

However there have been other cheaper brands I’ve bought over time. At first these would all appear to be fine, a good standard and I was happy with them. However a few months in and the lack of quality would show.

This would be things like the glueing coming apart of certain areas, loose rings, closures not staying closed.

When I did finally start purchasing better quality planners I was able to compare. Some of the cheaper brands wouldn’t sit flat, they almost felt a bit like a ring bound folder.

For the price I paid for the cheaper ones, I could have saved and gotten a couple of decent, better quality planners.

I suppose for both of my reasons, this is why planner meet ups can be good. Depending what people show up with, you can see a variation of planners. You can get a good look and feel of them to see what works for you. Another thing you can look at is the size variations and see how people use/decorate them.

Also the beauty of planner meet ups is that you can see the variation on planner types. Ring-bound, coiled, discs, travellers notebooks, notebook type planners.

You may see alternate ways to use planners, journal memory keeping for example.
So yes, I completely went head-first into the planner purchasing world. I wish I had slowed down, done my research and found something that would really work for me. The result is that only now am I finding the planners I love.

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