A Day in the chaotic life

Recently my life has taken on some changes. I decided to resign from my day job of Dog Grooming. This was due high anxiety and basically me falling apart. I was spinning too many plates and everything came to a head.

The decision wasn’t easy, in fact it took me about a month to fully decide and I’ve only written my resignation letter today. I have considered a few options, looking at part time roles. I’ve contacted a Creative Agency for Freelance work and have already been contacted regarding roles.

I also have my shop which I am working on when I can.

I decided to take the Children out of nursery for August. It made no sense them being there whilst I was at home and it costs more due to the LEA funding stopping during the summer (offered to children over 3). Plus George starts school in September so it gives him a nice break.

But, oh wow how your time evaporates! I will prioritise my little ones over everything else. You forget how tired you get when you have them ALL THE TIME! This includes during the night. This is usually down to Scarlett, either she has lost her dummy or kicked her blanket off and gotten cold. She will summon me in her own little way, with volume, threatening to wake George so that I will go and sort things out. As my other half works full time, it’s down to me. On weekends I’m dead to the world!!

So a normal day with the pair of them will consist of:

6am – kids get up with Daniel and I attempt a little more sleep.
7.30ish – Daniel leaves and I get wake up. It takes me a while, most mornings no matter what I do, I will stand up and lose my vision. This happens for about 10 seconds, then I’m good to go. It’s always happened when I’m tired.
8.00/9.00 – dressing the kids. Scarlett will, without fail, fill her nappy after I change it. I will check what they’ve eaten and see if they are still hungry. Laundry will also begin at this time – washing machine.
9.30 – my breakfast, which I end up sharing with Scarlett.
10.00 – I start my jobs (cleaning the Guinea Pigs and putting them in their outdoor hutch if the weather is nice. Washing the dishes, we do not have the luxury of a dishwasher. Hoovering downstairs after the kids have made a mess).
These jobs take twice as long as they should because I have to stop about 1000 times to get Scarlett off of the sofa, George demanding junk food and not getting it, Scarlett taking out the sweeping brush which then changes to a fight between the pair of them over the brush, running around the garden making a racket with the wind chimes, moving all of my plants and pulling flowers off of things….you get the idea.
11.30/12 – I plonk Scarlett in her cot, George will climb in and they watch the iPad whilst I shower and get ready.
12.15 – lunch. Me prepping food for the kids. At least one of them will have a problem with it, usually George. Scarlett bathes in hers as well as eating it. I empty the washing machine and tumble dry/hang bits up.
13.00 – my lunch, if I’m lucky. Shared (I use the word loosely) with Scarlett
13.30 – We go out. A visit to the park, sometimes I run errands like taking orders to the post office. If it’s ‘one of those days’ we’ll stay in and have activities. Good weather means garden play, sometimes painting, great weather means the paddling pool. Poor weather means craft time inside or we get the toys out of the cupboard and play. Other times we may pop round to the Grandparents. Towards Autumn and Winter we bake cookies and other easy recipes for kids.
3.00 – Scarlett is usually getting grumpy so I prepare her for a nap. Not the easiest task! She knows it’s coming and will fight with the power of a small Lion! Eventually she gives in and falls asleep instantly.
3.30 – This is a good time. I will make a cup of tea, get some biscuits and relax with George. On the odd occasion George will fall asleep, usually if he’s gotten up really early and had an active day. If this happens I will catch up on shop bits.
If not, he will play with his train track and I will work on a couple of bits. However it’s never a great deal as I still interact with George.
4.30/5.00 – depending on the nap, Scarlett will wake up and believe it’s morning. Full of beans again. George also gets a second wind so the house is again bedlam!
I attempt to make dinner and wrestle Scarlett into her high chair. I have the usual fussy food argument with George.
5.30 – The kids eat, unless it’s a dish I’m preparing for everyone.
6/6.30 – Daniel will get home and eat, Luna cat joins us and tries to steal food.
7.00 – bath time prep. Daniel will bath the kids whilst I collapse. Until I hear that Scarlett has pooped in the bath and everything is chaos again.
7.45 – I give Scarlett her milk whilst Daniel settles George.
8.30 – always the way, never before 8.30. We do our odd jobs, evening pet feeds, I package orders.
9.00 – We sit down. I usually have the laptop and catch up on shop bits. Unless I’m completely destroyed. Then it’s creative journal work, a book, TV or handheld games console.
11 – Bed
12/12.30 – FINALLY sleep…until the kids or my bladder wakes me. Or Luna. To be fair I probably average 5 1/2 to 6 hours sleep a night, more than other people out there!

It is very much non stop. Somehow I get stuff done. I’m not the perfect Mum, whatever that is, I’m not the best business woman but somehow things happen. My planner helps A LOT. I refer to it several times over the day, little ‘to do’ lists keeping going. Otherwise I’d forget everything. I’ve written my ‘top 5’ things that I do to keep me on track, you can access them here. These may not work for everyone, they may only work for me. I thought I would share them anyway 🙂

Thank you for reading and getting a snippet of my life this month!

Kelly xxx

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