Confessions of a Plannerholic #8

You may have noticed a break on the confessions posts, we’ve decided to post every two weeks to try and keep the topics fresh.

So this weeks topic is disappointing purchases. I must admit I struggled to write this as I do tend to like a lot of my purchases. 

After thinking long and hard about this, I decided that an item I wasn’t 100% satisfied with and I haven’t repurchased is the Erin Condren Life Planner

Now please don’t get me wrong, I do like my ECLP but I have had a relationship with it where I use it for a few months then go away from it again.

My favourite thing about the ECLP is the sticker decorating. Visually I can’t fault how this planner looks with a layout full of stickers. Halloween and Christmas can look particularly awesome when you have a spread set up. 

However my life is very chaotic and I found that I couldn’t organise properly when I used my ECLP. I found that when I moved back into rings, I could section out areas of my life and things flowed better for me. 

This isn’t really a fault with the ECLP, it’s more a case of trialling it and seeing the system didn’t work for me.

A few main things that disappointed me with the ECLP were:

Size and weight:

 It’s 7″ X 9″ with a coil of 30mm. I wouldn’t really say it’s handbag sized. It’s also stuffed full of content, so you get your money’s worth but that also means it’s heavy. Now I’m someone who puts a lot of stuff in my bag anyway, might be a Mum thing, so the extra weight of the ECLP wasn’t great.

Also there wasn’t that secure feeling you get with a ring bound planner. You can hold the ECLP closed with a planner band but this didn’t appeal to me. I found it annoying stretching it on and off every time I wanted to use it. 

If you don’t use the storage pockets, post it notes or attach loose paper to the coils, there’s no other way to add pages or sticker sheets. I prefer being able to hole punch sheets or have a pocket in a ring bound planner. 


I did have a couple of issues with my ECLP at the start. There was a slight issue with the coil meaning that the bottom of the pages would’t turn properly and they ended up a bit torn. This levelled out in the middle of the planner and wasn’t a problem after that. 

Another issue I had was the covers. The ECLP comes with removable covers so that you can customise it. This is something that originally drew me to it. However after time, my cover would remove itself to the point where the back cover would spend most of the time either half or completely unattached. 

The covers also became an issue when I put things in the storage pouch and inbuilt zipper pouch. At first there were no issues and everything held together well. However after a good bit of use, the back cover wouldn’t be able to handle anything in the pouches and would pop off. 

The front cover also showed wear and tear. It wasn’t as bad as the back but a few of the top and bottom attachments would come loose from the coil. 

Although they may not seem like big issues, unfortunately these were enough to make me stop using my ECLP. The usability of an item is something that is very important to me. It can be amazingly pretty but if it can’t function for me, I quickly move to something else. 

Having said I do want the ECLP in my life but not as my every day planner. I still enjoy making sticker kits for it! I think if I was to get one again, I would use it as a memory planner…with stickers. A sort of diary…with stickers. 

This way it wouldn’t be moved around as much as my current one and I would cherish it more. I would rather have it as something I can look back on over time and value the decorating and memory keeping.

Thank you for reading,

Kelly xxx

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2 thoughts on “Confessions of a Plannerholic #8

  1. It’s great to see you blogging Kelly, not sure I’ve read them all, will have to look and check. You write really well and naturally, like you’re talking to folk xxx

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