ABP’s Top Blog Posts #1


I’m bringing you something new, well at least new to the ABP blog. 

I’ve found when I read other peoples blog posts, I’ve wanted to share them. I’ve also find I tend to bookmark a lot of blog posts to read later or refer back to.

So I decided to begin a running series of posts with a ‘what I’ve been reading’ theme. Ideally it would be weekly but there’s a chance it could be fortnightly. I’ll see how I fall into it. 

So for now, what have I been reading recently?

Boho Berry – Bullet Journal One Month Update

To be honest, I’ve read a lot of Boho Berry‘s posts and watched a few videos. I’ve decided to give Bullet Journalling a whirl because I love the idea of it. What I love about Kara’s (at Boho Berry) BuJo is that she also adds in creative pages and lots of added extras. It’s makes it more personal to you. 

I love this post as this gives a very clear look into Kara’s BuJo and I found it inspiring. I’ve read it a few times now!

Click here to read.


Jumpy Jess – DIY Paperdori

Next I wanted to show you a little DIY I found. It’s by Jumpy Jess and it’s something that really caught my eye. I’m a little bit obsessed with Travellers Notebooks and this is a DIY paperdori (taken from the original Midori name). 

I think it could be really handy for people trying to save money or for people who have a lot of 12×12 scrapbook paper sheets and don’t know what to use them for. There are other ways to do this, for example laminating one sheet of scrapbook paper. Essentially the outcome will be similar. 

I love the idea of this and think it looks pretty good considering the materials, it definitely broadens your design pattern options.

Click here to read.


Lastly as its the beginning of September I thought I would include a free Autumnal printable link. In fact I have two links!

Andrea Nicole Blogs – Pumpkin Spice Planner Page Decoration

Who doesn’t love stickers? These are some freebie printable stickers by Andrea Nicole and I think they are just gorgeous! Autumn is my favourite time of year, I actually squealed with delight when I saw a leaf falling a few days ago. Simple things and yes I was in public…

Click here for the link

The Vintage Typewriter – Make the most of every day (printable)

And Finally I have a printable to show you. I like this as it does have a slight Autumnal feel but it’s also very classy and simple. It almost falls in with the Bullet Journal design as well so I think I’ll give it a go myself!

Click here for link

That’s everything for now,

Thank you for stopping by

Kelly xxx

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