August Scarlet Lime Planner Setup


So this month I have a new planner setup using Augusts Scarlet Lime Planner Society kit. It is similar to last month in that I have again used a Filofax Original, this time in red and the inserts are the same. The reasons for this is that the kit has a nautical theme and I knew it would work really well with this planner as soon as I saw it. Plus so far, I’d only had ideas for christmas with this planner so it was nice to use it for a different theme.


Again this months kit was beautiful and it was jam packed! Now that I have had the previous kit setup for a month, I couldn’t wait to get going with this. It’s the first kit that I’ve had in my planner and looked forward to using it every day. It works so well and adds so much creativity to your planner.

I’ve also added a few extras


I’ve linked the video below. Everything that is new is the accessories, dividers, planner as mentioned and a few extra bits. Enjoy!

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