Confessions of #9….Autumn Bucket List

There’s been a few discussions at Confessions HQ, we’re going to continue posting  but we’re mixing it up a bit. First of all we are going back to weekly posts, yey! Next we are going to include a much wider variety of posts as we want to keep the series fresh. Lastly, as a fair number of our readers are Stationery Addicts like ourselves, we’ve decided every second week will be a stationery/planner type post.

So this week! We were challenged to draw up an Autumn Bucket list. This was easy for me because Autumn, without a shadow of a doubt, is my all time favourite season! I’m really not a Summer person, in fact whilst I type we are experiencing another mini heat wave! My phone app says it’s 23 degrees today, and tomorrow will be 27, that’s crazy! It’s September!!! I am so done with Summer and heat. It’s clammy! A nasty word but perfect for how Summer makes me feel haha. I can tolerate it for about a week, then I’m fed up.

Autumn makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. I love the long nights drawing in, the cozy weather, the leaves changing, that feeling of anticipation in the air that Halloween and Christmas is round the corner. I feel like I can function more in the season and don’t need to have the emergency fan on standby!!

With the Bucket List itself, I’ve been so busy recently with some big sticker orders and a few big changes in my home life. I haven’t had the time to creative journal, I’ve just about managed to keep on top of my written journal/diary. So this was a perfect opportunity to relax and enjoy some craft time.

Now as you’ll see from the images there are two lists. This is because I created my first bucket list and I really like it but it’s full on. There is a lot going on with it, my intentions started out with a plan and then I completely let go and did whatever I wanted. So I went sticker mad! There’s no colour co-ordination or anything but it’s my personal creative journal and my list so it is what it is.

On this list I have:

1 – Jump in the leaves with the kiddies
2 – Stargaze
3 – Autumnal Walk
4 – Pumpkin Spice Latte/Hot drinks in general
5 – Halloween! Carve a Pumpkin with the kids
6 – A full day of crafting
7 – Curl up with a book
8 – Movie marathon!
9 – Bake!


I did enjoy making this spread because it made me think if all the things I love to do in Autumn and I really did just go with it.

The second list, which was really easy to write, is more reserved. I wanted to create a check list that I could work to and have a more minimal approach with decorating.

This list includes:

1 – Make a Fairy Garden
2 – Collect Conkers
3 – Autumn House Clean
4 – Buy Autumn Candles
5 – Visit Local Library
6 – Watch the Squirrels (they’re very active we were live at this time of year)
7 – Cinema Trip
8 – Read Ghosts Stories
9 – Read Tarot Cards
10 – Complete a Creative challenge


There are a few things on the lists I really want to do first. In fact I visited the local library this morning. I haven’t been for about two years so it was lovely to go in a choose some books, I get so used to buying books that I forget about the library!

I love creative challenges but I don’t always stick to one and tend to flit about. I would love to see one through and have a documented booklet of that.

A full day of crafting! I would love to do that, undisturbed and really connect with my creative self!

That’s my Autumn Bucket Lists (for now).

On this theme, I recently found a list of ‘100 things to do in Autumn‘ by Rosalilium. It’s something I want to try out and I’ve started to list the tasks in my Bullet Journal. I mean, look at the first one on the list! It’s perfect!

Thanks for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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