Confessions of #10…Autumn Planner Setup

Hello! This weeks subject is all about our Autumn Planner setup. I’m kind of in a transitional phase between planners. Ive started setting up my Autumn planner as its my favourite season and I’ve had a few bits saved for it. I also wanted to use it for some shop photography. 


Im still using my pillarbox Filofax original with August Planner Society kit as my main planner for everything. The system I have in there works well and I’m kind of reluctant to move out. Plus it’s still so warm! It doesn’t yet feel like Autumn 😦

However I’ve begun the setup and I’m currently using it as a pre-work planner for my blog/creative planner. So I will write drafts in here for the blog but I will also write responses to prompts on list challenges. I suppose it’s a sort of writing planner. 

I’m using a caramel Webster’s Pages for this setup. It was always intended when bought that the Webster’s Pages would be my Autumn planner. 


I love the colour of it, I don’t know what it is about this planner but it makes me want to write in it. It doesn’t feel like an everyday (monthly/weekly, Etsy, blogging, home, work etc) type planner. It feels like a bloggers planner. 

My one main bugbare with it is that it doesn’t sit flat. I could train it to but I feel that the rings would maybe not cope. It also kind of creaks when you close it. Maybe I’m being fussy, I’ve got so used to myFilofax original. I do feel like I have to be more careful with the Webster’s, if not I could damage it easily. I’ll remind you that I’m a bull in a china shop!

Putting those aspects aside, I do still love this planner. I wouldn’t part with it and I think it has a lot to do with the colour and the details (such as the button, inside pockets and logo motif). 

In terms of setup, I’ve ended up being more minimal with this planner. I’m not a minimal person, I tend to stuff my planners full of little bits and pieces. However as this is currently a writing planner, the minimalism helps me to keep a clear head and focus. 

The dashboard has a few paperclips, these were tin pin embellishments bought from Mrs Brimbles and turned into paperclips. There are a few journal cards, autumnal related. The larger one behind the pocket is a Project Life card and the acorns one in the pocket is another one bought from Mrs Brimbles online shop.


The dream catcher page is from Think Happy, Be Happy. I stumbled across it when flicking through the book and felt it worked well. It is my copy, I don’t tear pages out of random books 😉 

The dividers are by Dovecraft. I bought these in January!! I knew exactly what I wanted them for. I haven’t yet laminated them as I know the next Brimbles Box has some Autumnal ephemera. I might see how they work as decorative tabs.


So far my divided tabs say ‘lists’, ‘blog’, ‘notes’ and ‘projects’. I’ll play with these sections, lists and blog are pretty self explanatory. I’m going to go with the flow and see what happens with notes and projects. 

Inside I have a range of different inserts from ruled, dotted, grid, plain and list type paper. Again I’m trying everything to see what works for this planner. 

Pen wise, at the moment I’ve put a Pilot Frixon pen into the planner. It’s doesn’t really fit visually but it’s the perfect pen for this planners purpose. Any mistakes can be erased and off I go. 

So that’s my Autumn planner setup for now. It may change over time but for now, I’m enjoying the toned down approach.

Thanks for stopping by, 

Kelly xxx

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