I won the Little Rainbow Moon giveaway!


So a little while ago now, Jo at Little Rainbow Moon ran a competition via facebook. If you don’t know who this is, then seriously go and check out her work. I’ve loved it from day one. Jo’s style uses mixed media with full blown colour. She has taken her skills and mixed them into the planner community. The result is beautiful dashboards, stickers, journal cards, Traveller’s notebook goodies and more! There is also a monthly kit available that works around a theme. I’ve signed up for the October one (my first one!) and I’m very excited.

If you follow my YouTube, you will have definitely seen me show Little Rainbow Moon products before, it’s easily one of my favourite Etsy shops.


So the competition! The prize was to win a bundle of stickers. I won!! I couldn’t believe it! It’s the first planner related competition I’ve ever won and even better, it was a stash of beautiful stickers!

They arrived quickly and I opened them straight away. They really are stunning, absolutely bursting with colour. There was quite a variation as well, from quotes, to bohemian themed, to florals…absolutely stunning.


I haven’t used these for planner pages, as in weekly inserts. They honestly feel too special for that. The odd sticker has been used in my Bullet Journal. A lot have been used in my creative journal.

I do want to use the planning type stickers for a spread. Again I think I will do this in my Bullet Journal as I can keep it. I tend to throw weekly planner inserts away once I’m done with them.


If this looks like something you’d like, pop over to the Little Rainbow Moon shop and have a look around.

Again, thank you so much Jo for the stickers, I love them!


Thanks for reading,

Kelly xxx

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