Confessions of…#13 A-Z of Positivity

This week we’ve been asked to write an A-Z of…This could be anything. I decided not to do a stationery related post as I wanted to think a little differently. I’ve decided to do an A-Z of positivity. It’s something I’m trying to incorporate into my life more and more everyday.

Some letters will have more than one word, for no reason other than I wanted more than one word. I struggled with X and Z but they’re tricky letters.

So diving in…

A – Affirmations

Affirmations are a way to positively control your thoughts and self-improvement. Whether you write them down or think them (personally I feel writing down helps you to keep on track), they are a way to help the mind and give strength. They tend to be a sentence, ‘I am a strong person with many talents’, but there’s no right or wrong. A sentence just makes them easier to remember.

B – Believe

Believe in yourself. Be true to your beliefs. Believe good things will happen.

C – Creativity

Always be creative, in whatever way works for you. I believe creativity is therapy, it eases the mind and allows a person to unwind.

D – Dance

I love spontaneous dancing. Don’t get me wrong, I won’t randomly pull out a number you’d expect to see on Strictly! But I kind of bop around, I think having kids helps. I find myself dancing a few times a day, silly dances to the tunes on the television but I know I’m happy if this is happening.

E – Explore/Environment/Enjoy

Explore and Environment were two words that popped into my head. You can play with these however you want. Whether you decide to improve your economic life. Whether you go outside and literally explore the environment. Whether you explore your own environment in the home, what works well and what doesn’t.

Enjoy is a word I chose because I’m rubbish at allowing myself free time. Particularly home activities such as crafts. I’m busy all the time, so much that I don’t know how to not be busy. Enjoying your own personal time is a gift and you shouldn’t waste the whole thing thinking about what you ‘should’ be doing.

F – Flow/Fabulous

Flow was chosen as I feel it’s a word that represents life. It will continue to flow around you, you can’t control everything and sometimes you have to let life flow.

Fabulous is one of my favourite words! Everything should be fabulous!

G – Gratitude/Grow

When you’re feeling low, sometimes going back over a time scale and pulling out the things you are grateful for can be really helpful. You realise things aren’t so bad.

Grow, allow yourself to develop. Learn and grow your mind.

H – Heal/Help

Heal, take time. Know that not everything improves straight away but time is a great healer. Do whatever you need to heal.

Help, whether it’s asking for it or giving it. Help is always good for the soul.

I – Invest/Imagine

Invest in yourself, whatever way that may be. Give yourself time, invest in a business, into a new idea, invest in you family. In whatever way this is. I always think of money when I hear the word invest but actually it can mean all kinds of things. Time, creation, interest.

Imagine – allow yourself to daydream. It’s beautiful. Or if not, imagine yourself with the life you want. Or go completely away, let your imagination run wild and create – draw/write/compose, whatever sings to you.

J – Journey

Take a personal journey. Pick up a prompts monthly checklist. There are tonnes out there for free. Drawing or writing, again what works for you. Journey into you mind.

K – Kindness

Be kind. It’s not hard to do really and the more kindness you give out, the more you receive.

L – Laugh

It’s good for you, do it.

M – Mindfulness/Motivate

I’m still getting my head around mindfulness but I can see the benefits and believe in it. The ability to calm the mind and accept the world around you is a skill but it’s amazingly beneficial.

What motivates you? If you’re having a sluggish time, pick out an activity you enjoy. You don’t have to find reason just do it. You’ll feel better afterwards.

N – Nurture

Nurture yourself, your family, the world around you. If you’ve just started something, whatever that may be, nurture it and allow it to grow. Don’t give up (unless you really don’t like it).

O – Overcome

Overcome obstacles in your life. When and if you are ready, do this in your own time.

P – Play

Remember when you were little and you used to play role play games or activity games for hours? It was ok to enjoy things then so why not now? You don’t have to start role play (unless you enjoy doing that) but you can find a hobby and spend time doing that. A hobby can be anything, it’s just a word. So if you are a gamer, take time to play. If you are a crafter, take time to get your crafts out and play.

Q – Quiet

Take time to enjoy the quiet. Sometimes you don’t realise how noisy your day can be.

R – Relax

Self explanatory really. Not always easy to do but try to take at least 10 mins every day to switch off. For me I only really relax when I’m on my own not talking to anyone, my mind rested.

S – Sing

I know I’m happy when I’m singing. It’s not a heart felt song, it’s usually nonsense that I’ve made up or I make up whilst getting the kids sorted.

T – Talk

Make a phone call or see friends. Sometimes it can be beneficial to hear how other peoples lives are going, get outside your own head. Or if you need to off load then do it. Talk to people as the simple act of talking about things, letting it all out can really help.

U – Unique

Accept that you are unique and love it! Everyone is a miracle.

V – Value

Value yourself and others.

W – Wellness

Look after yourself. Your mind and your body go together. Be as healthy as you can, nurture your body and your mind.

X – ……. the most difficult letter in the alphabet! I can’t think of a work for X, not one that I have every used anyway. So I’m leaving this one blank.

Y – You

Take time every day to tune in with yourself. Ask how you are feeling, scan your body and see how it feels. Tell yourself that you are ok and you will look after yourself because you can be the best friend your body and mind needs.

Z – Zen

Not really a word I use but Z is an awkward letter again. Zen makes me think of calm 🙂

So that’s my list!

Thank you for reading,

Kelly xxx

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