Happiness is Homemade – Fairy Lights Jar

I saw a picture recently of fairy lights in a glass jar and had to try it. I love Fairy Lights, my University room was covered in them!

I’ve been desperate to have some form of light in my creative space. It’s in the corner of the bedroom and there aren’t any plug sockets. I’ve really wanted to decorate with fairy lights and have done at Christmas with battery powered ones. However as it’s a space away from the light, in the Autumn/Winter months spread out fairy lights don’t offer much brightness.

So when I saw this light jar I had to try it!


One thing I love about it is that it was easy to find the supplies. Everything has been bought from B&M bargains and all together it was roughly around £10. It would have been less but I made two! 

What you need:

  • Battery Powered Fairy Lights (LED lights work well as they’re bright)
  • Batteries to fit lights (mine took AA batteries)
  • A glass jar


That’s it! It’s so simple and works really well. You don’t have to use a jar, for example, a large glass fishbowl would also work. It’s an easy way to create decoration.

The kids love it too!

Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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