Confessions of…#14 Favourite Recipe

I’m am so late posting this! I don’t know what’s going on recently but time has been whizzing by! It’s Friday tomorrow, it was Sunday 5 minutes ago!

This week we have been asked to share our favourite recipe. I thought about this for ages as I couldn’t think of anything I cook that I would say is my favourite. For example I love Seafood Linguine but my other half hates fish, so we never cook it. It’s a restaurant treat if I see it on the menu. After lots of thinking something eventually popped into my head! Piragi!

This is a Latvian appetiser that my family have every Christmas. They’re basically bacon rolls/buns/pastie’s (whatever you want to call them), but done in a Latvian style. They are AMAZING! There’s nothing better than waking up Christmas morning, getting a cup of tea and having a hot Piragi. I love it.

Instead of writing out the recipe, I will link the one I have used before below. My Dad won’t let me hand out the family recipe! Quite rightly too. This one is still good.

If you are going to make this, set aside an afternoon for it and get the whole family involved. If you choose to do it at Christmas, get the tunes on and have a glass on Mulled wine on the go. I actually can’t wait to do this now!!

One tip, make sure you get the dough rolled nice and thin, it puffs up when you cook it. It can make or break your Piragi. The dough is what makes these special. You can freeze them and re-heat, so make a big batch!

Obviously this is a meat version but feel free to tweak to suit your dietary needs 🙂

Here is the recipe I’ve used before and it’s not a million miles away from the family one.


Kelly xxx

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