Checking in

I was a bit quiet last week! You may have noticed I didn’t write a confessions post. I did intend to but I blinked and the week was over! The post in question was our Halloween week setup and decor. My Bullet Journal weekly spreads for last week and this week are below, so you still get to see those 😉
My Planner setup for Halloween has been uploaded today and the link is at the bottom of this post. It features the Planner Society Halloween kit! In a purple Malden!

Before I get into what I’ve been up to, here are the two spreads. I’ve gone for a Halloween feel with the first (using a clip art kit bought for personal use) and a Bonfire Night feel in the second using FabPlannerPrint stickers.



So last week was busy! George broke up for half term and we had a family trip up to Edinburgh to visit my Grandparents. I had been squeezing a lot of work in prior to our trip so that I could relax. Typically I ended up coming down with something when I got there! Luckily my other half and kids were ok. My Grandparents managed to spend loads of time with the kiddies whilst I rested.

I’ve been to Edinburgh a lot over the years, Daniel has worked there but my Children have never been. It was great to see their little faces when we took them to the Castle! Well mainly George, he was fascinated by everything. Scarlett always has an expression as if to say she’s seen it all before!

I also had a lot of orders for the shop whilst I was away which was great! I caught up on these when I got back.

I’ve now begun work on my Christmas additions to the shop, I already have personal stickers listed. I’m hoping to create a few different sized kits and a Christmas inserts kit, I’m brainstorming key areas for this now ready to design. HOPEFULLY I will have my inserts listed in a week or two.


I also found out recently that I got a place on the UKPA Big Meet 2017 team! I’m absolutely delighted and can’t wait to begin helping with the organisation of the event. Each admin member chose two people to be on their Sub-team. I’m on team Sheree (HandCraftedbySheree) with Ali Phillips of (CraftyAliCat). Two people I have a lot of admiration for, I’m delighted to be working with them.

We also recently had the announcement for the 2017 Planner Con run by Anna AKA Mrs Brimbles. I’ve seen all of the behind the scenes plans and it’s going to be amazing! It will also be my birthday whilst I’m there, what better way to spend the day! I’ve bitten the bullet and decided to share a stall with Natasha from Beautiful Planning. I’m nervous but excited to do this, I feel like it’s a bucket list type of thing to do.

So yeah, everything is speeding along. As well as my shop and team work, I also have to re-design my planner. Halloween was yesterday, the shops are already in Christmas mode so a change is needed. As I’m still designing my inserts and I’m stubborn, I want to create an Autumnal theme for now. I have quite a few bits ready and waiting for this. I’m debating on whether to set up a Traveller’s Notebook for a change. Mainly to see what is like to plan in a TN as I always have a ring binder (as well as my BuJo). I normally use TN’s for creative journalling. It’s on my to-do list anyway!

So that’s a look into what I’ve been up to recently. Busy little Bee!

Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly 🙂

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