Confessions of a Plannerholic…#15Top 10 Blogs

This week we’ve been asked to list our top ten blogs. Reading other people’s blogs is something I love to do and it’s a real treat for me. Being able to sit and relax with a cup of tea/coffee or a wine in the evening, reading a blog, in my own little space, heaven!

So here are ten blogs that I love to read:

The Stationery Geekette:
This blog was always going to feature on this post. It is run by the lovely Emma Louise Smith who is the creator of the Confessions Series and owner of the TSG Bookclub Box. I found this blog earlier this year and love reading new posts. There’s variety with it and the posts aren’t too long. This is great for someone like me, I can read a couple of posts before I have to dash off and continue my never ending to-do list.

My Green Cow
This is the blog run by Daisy Martin aka My Green Cow. This is one of the very first blogs I frequently read. I loved the feel of the blog, the photography was gorgeous and the style of writing was so easy to relate to. In fact, it got to a point with this blog where I started to check for new posts! Definitely one I’d recommend.

Mrs Brimbles
This is another blog I have read for quite some time. I’ve been following Anna’s work for well over a year now and I’m delighted to be on the team! The blog features crafty ideas for planning, creative journal work and other planner related wisdom. As well as Anna’s own posts, the blog features work by the Design Team. Before I was included, I used to read these posts and was inspired by what everyone was creating. Now I get to contribute!

Geraldine Jayne
I love this blog. As well as creative, inspiring and sometimes enabling posts, Geraldine also writes in depth, uplifting posts. I’m always happy when I get an email notification telling me that Geraldine has posted.

Michelle’s blog! Yes she is another writer in this series but I would read her blog anyway. There’s a real mix of planning and stationery related posts as well as lifestyle posts. I’m someone who likes variation and Michelle’s blog captures this. She’s also the creator of the UglyBugDoes box (stationery and planning) and the UglyDori. This is a Traveller’s Notebook that I am desperate to get my hands on! It’s a team creation by Michelle and her husband Trevor. If you like your TN’s, then you’ve got to see these but you may have to get in line behind me 😉

Boho Berry
This is my go to blog for Bullet Journal inspiration. The pages created by Kara are stunning! However recently I’ve found other topics that have grabbed my attention. An example of this is NanoWriMo. This is a challenge beginning Nov 1st to write a 50,000 word novel in 30 days. Ok so I’ve missed the start date but this idea of writing a novel is on my bucket list. A challenge like this could really work for me.

Lollipop Box Club
Lisa’s blog for the Lollipop Box Club is something I mention every time I do an unboxing video. If you don’t know, the Lollipop Box Club is a subscription box containing craft supplies for Vintage Happy mail/planners/scrap bookers/journal work, however you want to use it. Lisa will post suggestions on her blog if you need a little bit of crafty inspiration. As well as the box, Lisa also shows other craft ideas and recipes. They relate to the time if year or box theme.

Tatertots and Jello
This is a blog I found through Bloglovin’, I have it as an app on my phone and it’s an easy place for me to find a range of different blogs to read no matter where I am. I think Tatertots and Jello was a suggested blog that caught my eye. It’s all about DIY Crafting and decorating. Imagery is a big one for me on this blog, it’s colourful and creative. It also features recipes. I don’t tend to seek out recipe blogs but I find myself looking at these posts onTatertots and Jello. I believe this is because a lot of the craft projects link to the recipes, for example, there have recently been a lot of Autumnal/Fall related craft posts and alongside them there have been recipes to compliment.

Another one I found on Bloglovin’, Eighteen25 has a similar feel to Tatertots and Jello. It’s a gorgeously colourful blog full of inspiring craft ideas. As well as being able to use this blog for my own crafting fun, there’s also suggestions of what I can do with the kids. It’s basically a craft magazine in digital form, yey!

I found this blog a little while ago when I was looking for Autumnal related list challenges. This is where I found the 100 things to do in Autumn post. This blog is about wellbeing and positivity. Something that I believe in and an area I have had my own struggles. The blog itself is very clean and sophisticated in terms of look and feel. The posts I tend to gravitate towards are the ones that involve lists. I’m someone who loves to list so this combined with well-being and positivity is a big interest for me.

So that’s my ten and I love them all! It’s been hard not to link everyone below as I love all of their blogs. However I wanted something different on this post. I will give a little shout out to Louise at The Vintage Planner who used to be BestLaidPlans. She’s had a re-brand and great things are ahead for this lady!

Thanks for stopping by,


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