Confessions of #16…Top 10 Stocking Fillers

Hello everyone! I didn’t take part last week. The topic was a December Bucket List, there will be a Christmas bucket list soon and I would have cross overs. So I sat it out. Similarly next week will have a Christmas Planner setup which I have already shown. If I post next week I may adjust it to perhaps show my favourite Christmas planner setups or something along the lines of that.

This weeks topic is our Top 10 Stocking fillers. I quite like stocking fillers to be varied. I wouldn’t choose a very specific item for a stocking filler as I quite like the surprise of what’s inside. So with this, on some items I will choose an area or object, such as chocolate but not say a branded chocolate.

Here we go…

Number 10 – A Tangerine. It has to be done, I’m not sure if this is a traditional thing or if this is something we do in our family but a Tangerine has to be in there. There’s something about having it on Christmas morning that means a lot to me. It transports me back to Childhood 🙂

Number 9 – Chocolate. As mentioned, there isn’t a specific type of chocolate. I like it to be festive themed, for example a Chocolate Santa or Snowman. Chocolate gold coins are a bonus and Silver white chocolate coins are the jackpot!

Number 8 – Socks. Good quality cosy socks. Who doesn’t like new socks? The stocking is the shape of a sock! Goes without saying that a pair of socks should be in there.

Number 7 – Cosmetic Item– by this I mean nails varnish, mascara, eye liner, basically a make up item. Another addition I’ve had in my stocking since my young teenage years and it has that element of nostalgia. I’m not fussy on brand, expensive make up is wasted on me!

Number 6 – List pad – As I am now a fully fledged stationery addict, a list pad would be amazing in my stocking. I’m forever making lists, I forget everything and have to write so much down. Multiple list pads are welcomed.

Number 5 – Pen(s) – Well I need a pen for my list pad? A pen with character about it will catch my eye. I like a decent ball point biro style pen or a fine tipped gel pen. I’ve recently had some gorgeous pens for The Planner Society, I adore them!

Number 4 – Small bottle of Red Wine or Gin – Ok I’m going to presume my stocking is on the slightly larger size. With all the lists pads, socks and other items it will begin to get cramped. I need space for Wine or Gin. Or both! I don’t mind 😉

Number 3 – Washi Tape – You cannot go wrong with washi tape and it’s the perfect size for a stocking filler, it can be crammed in amongst all of the other goodies above. More than one is encouraged for brownie points!

Number 2 – Planner Clips – I love planner clips. Whether it’s a paperclip, bulldog clip, metal clip on bookmark, magnetic bookmark…I can’t get enough. I’ve recently got a little obsessed with black and gold, I also am loving any rose gold out there. Another one that fits nicely into this rather overstuffed stocking.

Number 1 – Gift Card – Stationery related would be fab but I’m useless for buying clothes so gift cards are always a good way to get me to do this! Since having the kiddies, I rarely have time to clothes shop on my own, it’s just not fun pushing the buggy around tiny areas in shops. Changing rooms are interesting. I always get hot and huffy, I usually call my other half for advice. It’s an experience!
From a stationery point of view, my top three shops would be:
Etsy – shop online at all my favourite shops!

So that’s everything on my top ten, thank you for stopping by 🙂

Kelly xxx

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