ABP’s Top Blog Posts #2


I started this ages ago! So much for it maybe being a weekly/fortnightly thing! Safe to say it’ll be an ‘as and when’ thing. I’ve been making lists of blog posts and videos with the intention of sharing them as soon as I find time.

So this is the second post for my top blog posts (or videos). I’ve been feeling very creative recently and wanted to post some links that have inspired me or I’ve saved them for later.

  1. Geradine Jayne’s cork vision board for a TN

A little while ago, I shared my cork vision board on social media (as seen in this video) and a lot of people asked me how I made it. This creation would never have even happened if it wasn’t for Geraldine. This blog link shows you exactly how to make your own 🙂

2. Lollipop Box ClubHow to make a planner tassel

I’ve wanted to know how to make planner tassels for quite a while but for some reason I’ve never gotten round to finding out. I happened to stumble onto this video whilst flicking through YouTube. The lovely Lisa from the Lollipop Box Club shows us just how easy it is!

3. A Beautiful Mess – Make your own Gemstone soap!

I found this originally on Bloglovin’, it popped up on my feed and I had to read it! It looks fairly straight forward once you’ve collected together the materials. I love the diamond shaped soap, it’s gorgeous! With Christmas around the corner, I thought this could be a lovely little handmade gift.

So that’s two creative blog posts and one video I’ve really enjoyed reading/watching recently. I’ve already made my own cork vision board, I have wool and other bits and bobs to make a planner tassel and I want to gather materials to make the soap! All three are relitively easy, so why don’t you give them a go as well?

Catch you later,

Kelly xxx

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