December Brimbles box


Hi everyone! This months Brimbles Box is beautiful. It has a real wintery theme and the colours are gorgeous!


The box contained:

  • Welcome postcard
  • Four sheets of 12×12 scrapbook paper
  • One 12×12 sheet of journal cards (to cut up)
  • Snowman stamp
  • Blue snowflake washi
  • Snowman sticky notes
  • White crystal ballpoint pen
  • Hand-drawn stickers
  • Hand-drawn Ephemera
  • Planner stickers
  • Faux fur fluffy charm

I love the drawings and surface patterns in this months box, it feels like a snowy version of the November box. Due to the colour scheme, it has a real crisp feel. I’m not using my white Webster’s Pages at the moment but I think it would look amazing in there! I haven’t yet used the 12×12 scrapbook papers so I may save them for a planner setup 🙂


I’m so pleased to see a Polar Bear version of the Brown Bear seen in the September box from this year. Particularly the drawing I’ve taken to calling the ‘Mama bear’, leaning overhead.
I love all the drawings but my particular favourite are the mugs. I think I said the same think for the November box and the red mugs! They’re so eye-catching!


So what have I been up to with the box? I haven’t used everything yet, I have some journalling to catch up on and a lot will be used for that. As mentioned, I may also save some bits for a planner setup.

This month I decided to try out the #30daysoflists challenge. As the name suggests, each day of the month, a list is sent out to you via email and you use it to journal. This month does have 31 days and there have been hints that an extra list will be sent out.
I decided to use a journal card from this month’s box for a list. I chose a card that was fairly minimal with a grid background and snowflakes. I’ve decorated with a silver gel pen, washi from the box, a mittens sticker and a colourless glass nugget (I thought it went well with the theme of the card). The list itself doesn’t relate to the card design but that doesn’t bother me.


The second thing I’ve done so far is a Bullet Journal weekly spread using the planner stickers. I’ve kept it fairly minimal as it’s currently the week before Christmas so I have a lot to plan in. The more space the better! I loved mixing the drawing stickers with the planner stickers. The boy in the hat fitted perfectly with Monday and my Son’s Nativity. I love how it all looks and because it’s in my bullet journal, I will be able to look back over the year and see it again 🙂


That’s where I’m up to so far, I can’t wait to do more with this box. I will definitely use more of it for my #30daysoflists with the plan of doing a flip through on my YouTube later on.

Thank you for stopping by,

Kelly xxx

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