Hello 2017!

Hello and welcome to 2017!

I’ve been very quiet over the Christmas season. I had planned to blog, I even started to write a draft but never got around to finishing it. I well and truly switched off from everything. I intended to prepare videos, prep stock for the shop, prepare other bits and pieces for this year…none of it happened! Apart from some creative journal work, I completely switched off. I decorated my planner for the two weeks over Christmas but barely used it!

In all honesty, this spread didn’t look that much different by the end of the week!

The end result was although I was rested, I had no idea what I was going on around me and life caught up with me very quickly! Not having a planner prepared has left me feeling a bit out of sorts, only today did I begin setting up. I’m still using my Bullet Journal for weekly spreads and ongoing areas I want to log. I’m also setting up another planner with separate dividers to try and gain control of things again….more on that later 😉

Little peek of my planner setup, dividers for my Traveller’s Notebook

I was very blessed with goodies over the Christmas season, some as gifts, some I’d ordered previously and had waited for them, some bought with my own money or Christmas money. Although, I must admit I got to a point where I forgot what I had! I needed to take a moment to sit back and organise everything, I’m not out of the woods yet but I’m getting there.

One of my favourite items from the Christmas season, a gift from my other half, an Uglydori!

Over the weekend the Christmas decorations came down and the Children’s toys were organised. I FINALLY started to get a bit of control back into the running of the house. However my head was still very busy and almost felt suffocated.

I decided to write out a brain dump in my Bullet Journal. Everything I need or want to do, get it all out of my head. So many things! It helped as I could prioritise points from the list, such as writing this and setting up a planner.

So, a few things to come…

  • Product reviews (things I’ve bought recently)
  • 30daysoflists flip through for December (pictured below, a 31st prompt was given)
  • Creative journal introductions
  • Shop Plans
  • Creative Challenges
  • Update of my Bullet Journal
  • Planner Setups
  • Planner Girls Collective posts (was confessions of…)
  • Creative DIY


So that’s all for now, just a little ‘hello’ from me and update as to what’s ahead.

It’s good to be back!

Kelly xxx



2 thoughts on “Hello 2017!

  1. uglybugplans

    Good to see you back, im looking forward to this year… it’s going to be an exciting time xx

    Ps love the planner society bits, I’ve just subbed to them

    Pps love the UglyDori 😉

    Liked by 1 person

    1. I love sitting and looking at the Uglydori, it’s so beautiful! The colour 😍
      I can’t wait to see how your year pans out, very exciting!
      PS kits are amazing, I think it’s the colour combinations and accessories. No matter what, you can make yourself look like an expert planner decorator 😂


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