Planner Girls Collective…My 2017 Planners

Hello! This is the new name for the Confessions of series, the Planner Girls Collective. We have more people writing with us and brand new topics for this year!

So starting us off, we’ve been asked to write about our reflection with our planners last year and our setups for this year.

I’ve touched on what didn’t work in past blogs but I will re-cap. Unfortunately my Erin Condren didn’t work for me. I love the idea and was really happy with the way the spreads looked with stickers. However I like to try and keep a lot of things in one place. My life is varied with lots going on and the weekly spread of an Erin Condren didn’t work for me. Another factor was the size of it, it was difficult to move it around, it was heavy and bulky. I could have maybe used it as a daily to-do diary but again the size ruled that out. Oh and I stuffed things in pockets, which eventually make the covers fall off (they’re removable).

Something else that didn’t work was pocket sized ring bound planners. They were just a little bit too small. I loved the look but couldn’t get it to work for me.

One planner that worked really well was my Leuchtturm1917 Bullet Journal. This was something I originally found through Boho Berry. I loved the hand-drawn style of it and complete freedom to do whatever I wanted.

This brings me to this year. Now I confess, as I entered 2017 I didn’t have a planner setup! As in a planner specifically for this year. This did actually leave me a bit out of sorts, all of the areas of my life were unorganised!

Now I’m still in the process of finding my feet with 2017 planners but I do have a few setup.

The first is a continuation of my Bullet Journal, you can see a flip through in this video here. It’s a system that works well for me, it feels like more than a planner. I know it’ll be something I will enjoy looking through when it’s finished. I’m also a bit of a sticker hoarder. Before my Bullet Journal, I struggled to find places to use stickers as I would bin weekly inserts after using them. Now that I have weekly spreads in my Bullet Journal, I use stickers all the time!
Probably just as well being a sticker maker!!


The next planner I have is my Blogging planner, seen in this previous post. I want to be more involved with my blog this year, it’s one of my goals. I did have a planner setup before but I didn’t use it as much as I hoped. I think I maybe put too much in there and the A5 size of it didn’t work for me. I’m now in a personal sized planner and I’ve simplified everything. The more straight forward the better.


I then have an everyday travel about planner which I have filmed but I’m yet to upload. It’s my new A6 Uglydori! I LOVE it! It was a request which Michelle and Trevor (shop owners) have completely blown me away with. I have special stitching on the extra wide spine, a bigger back-plate and special tool work on my leather name tag. It’s a Traveller’s Notebook which is a new planning system for me. I’ve wanted to try it for a long time and finally took the leap. I had a work planner setup but I’m hoping to condense this into one section in my Uglydori, as I’m no longer needing quite as much. I then have a ‘this week’ diary (every day reminders), ‘finances’ as I really need to keep an eye on these this year, ‘projects’ which will be anything creative including my shop and the last section is ‘notes’ for any notes not relating to creative projects.

I also have a creative journal, a regular sized Uglydori. I have a big one and a little one! Yey! I would highly recommend this shop, but get in line behind me haha! The TN creative journal is a system I have used since 2015. It works really well for me and I don’t plan to change it any time soon. My creative journal is a place of escapism for me, I junk journal, draw, memory journal, paint, write…whatever I want to do 🙂


At the moment that is all I am using for planning. I have the Leonie Dawson Biz and Life books, I use these for goal setting. I don’t see them as planners, they’re more something I use for reflection and checking in.
I also have a Pirongs planner which I won in a competition last year. I intend to use this for ABP. I’ve been a bit slow with the shop recently, I’m blaming the lack of planning! The sooner I start work in this, the better.

So that’s where I’m up to so far, I will most likely swap about at times. I don’t set up planners for the whole year, I can’t make that kind of commitment!

Thank you for reading and I’ll catch you all again soon,

Kelly xxx

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